Glee Review: Winners Like Them

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I knew we were in for a solid Glee episode when it kicked off with a song ("Misery") and then instantly addressed a long-running beef I've had with one aspect of the show:

Why the heck does Blaine get every single Warbers solo?

From there, "Original Song" delivered one winning performance after another, focused on actual relationship and character developments and proved one indisputable fact: my goodness, Lea Michele can sing.

Regionals Performance

Rachel's "Get It Right" was the highlight of the hour, as it did a lot more than merely showcase Michele's pipes. It spoke to the evolution and struggle of this girl, someone who has gone from cute to irritating to the most obvious MVP candidate since Tom Brady.

I somehow doubt Mr. Bundchen broke down while accepting the trophy, however.

Elsewhere, Blaine and Kurt didn't preach to the audience in any way. They simply acted like two students falling for each other, as writers resisted the effort to just throw these two into a relationship from the outset. Such patience paid off in a kiss that viewers have been clamoring for and which felt completely earned.

And then a second kiss because, come on, it's Darren Criss!

On the Finn/Rachel/Quinn front, the latter was doing all she could to revisit her days as the school's queen bee, but you could tell she didn't really buy it. Her eyes welled up as she told Rachel off because Quinn is simply unsure of who she is. Without the prom crown and the head cheerleader outfit, how does she define herself? By being Finn's girlfriend, she thought, but not at the expense of a couple that is clearly meant to be.

I expect Finchel fans to soon be rejoicing when Quinn realizes she can no longer stand in the way.

One aspect of the episode felt forced and superfluous, however: the use of the Regionals judges. I'm typically all for some good Sarah Palin mockery, but it felt shoved in and out of place here, like producers lost a bet to Kathy Griffin and had to pay up via such a cameo.

Overall, this was the sort of episode that made me fall in love with Glee in the first place. Great acting, non-stop singing - a total of seven songs, not including such classics as "Trouty Mouth" and "Big Ass Heart" - and relationships that make you both laugh and cry.

With the show taking a few weeks off until April, this was the ideal way to go out. What did everyone else think?


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Glee is awful. Too bad they didn't try to move forward with the heartfelt musical dramedy we saw in its pilot. Could have been special. Instead, we get pandering nonsense.


i wouldn't mind if finn graduated and left glee, he's so dull. maybe he can marry quinn and he'll get some odd jobs in line with his glassy eyed looks and quinn can work at... sheets and things. puck will fail geometry and stay in hs. yay! rachel will be senior and head glee club. she'll apply to college. hope i meet her gay dads. blaine can be her bff as he applies to the same college. he can help her with boys and outfits. dave and kurt will be a couple. talk of opposites. wonderful! mike chang gets football scholarship. (not likely? this is after a glee universe.) tina is left behind and gets insecure with all the beautiful co eds there. but when she herself gets to college she leaves mike for another guy... she does have a history... artie starts college but drops out because he develops new web developing techniques and makes millions. santana tries out for american idol and disses the judges. mercedes goes with her and gets accepted. sam is so non entity i dont know what to do with him.


MAJOR FAIL Glee is just getting worse and worse and worse! The continuity from episode to episode is just getting so unbelievable bad!! One episode.. Glee gang are all a bunch of alcoholics (no indication of any problems like that in previous episodes). Next episode.. Glee gang are almost painfully ignorant of sex (really? did any of the writers for that episode bother to watch any of season 1??). This episode.. We have to sit and watch a gay romance develop for almost 1/2 the episode and that really PAINFUL forced singing of the Warblers. I have to give kudos to the actors playing Blaine and Kurt making due with some very bad lines and protraying emotions for each other when, in real life, it is obvious that both actors really don't like each other very much at all! And I agree.. this episode was so rushed as to almost painful! The judges? A joke! And what an unneeded anti-religious slam on the Catholic Church too! I guess we can now expect an episode in season 3 were the Glee gang all find religion to attone for this slam. Also... Santanna/Britney. Hetero one episode, les the next, then hetero again? LOL. I can almost hear the producers telling the writers.. "The writers in the previous episode really screwed up on that Santanna/Britney lesbian relationship.. quick... write something to reverse that out now!!" I agree.. Murphy/Falchuk need to get a handle on their writing staffs and script continuity before Glee becomes silly, stupid, irrelevant, offensive, and just plain boring!!


I am truly bored by Michele's solos every week. Sure, she really is a great singer, but the choir is chock full of great singers who don't get to show as much as they could because she seems to have the first choice of songs. Santana is a phenomenal singer, as is Artie and Brittney, not to mention Tina! They are just brilliant and I'd love to see more of them! MUCH more - and a bit less of Rachel, please....


Loser like me #1 and Get it right #3 on itunes.


Wooowwww Lea is just amazing im going to buy all this songs. The epi was so great. I love a lot the voice of Puck and Santana, their are amazing.


One of the best episodes. Ever. Finn and Rachel were beautiful. I don't know how they made me cry just by staring at each other a few times.. but they did.
AND RACHEL APPRECIATION! Talk about character development!! I am so happy for Rachel. She was amazing and her singing "Get it right".. That is my new favorite song.


I loved the episode, didn't liked the judges, for me they were irrelevant. Rachel was amazing, she is so underuse this season, as Mercedes and Tina. I liked the kiss between Kurt and Blaine, but they waited so long to take that steep that I didn't even care that much about it, but it was great. THE BLACKBIRD song was boring, and not Kurt's best, if emotions we are talking about. Remember HOLD YOUR HAND, A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, DEFYING GRAVITY, those performances WOULD win Blaine's heart, but Blackbird was just lame.Blackbird was just weak.


I'm sorry but I thought this episode was crap and was rushed. My main issue was even though some of the glee kids had solos trying to write an original song, why was Rachel carrying the team during the Regionals Competition? We all know Lea Michele has a great voice, hence her solo. But for the second song I would have LOVED to hear the rest of the team share the song and not just sing back up. The over-exaggeration of the judges is overdone. Same story, different characters. It's getting old and offensive honestly. I'm not a Sarah Palin fan, but Kathy Griffin and the writing just was not funny and I almost wanted to turn off the TV. I expected more out of this episode and quite frankly, I think I won't be watching Glee anymore in the next 2 episodes.


Tim I do believe that Blaine fell for Kurt after hearing him sing. I probbly wouldn't if I didn't go through stuff like that myself when I was in hign school. It seems silly but it happens. I don't think it came from out of nowhere. I think Blaine was oblivious about any relationship with Kurt until Kurt admitted he liked him. I don't remember their exact conversation but I was udner the impression that Blaine wasn't blowing Kurt off, but telling him that he didn't want to rush into anything. I think he hadn't really thought of Kurt as anything but a friend but over the next couple weeks realized they should be together. Music is a huge part of their lives and to some people it can have a major impact. So when Blaine heard Kurt sing so emotionally it really hit home. I really could care less about the Kathy Griffon character. The only reason why she stood out for em at all is cause she said "I'm not a witch" and I thought of the funny autotune song that was made to make fun of Christine O'Donnell. Political jokes are never funny to me or offensive.

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