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Waiting is the hardest thing to do, especially for TV fanatics, and sadly we have three weeks until the next new episode of Fringe. What better time, then, to premiere the latest edition of the TVFanatic Round Table, this time dedicated to Fringe.

Our Fringe critic, Carissa Pavlica, and fellow panelists Jeffrey Kirkpatrick and Sean McKenna discuss this week's powerful 5-star episode, "Bloodline," and the implications of that shocking final scene. We invite all readers to leave your reactions and insights in the comments section below.


Team Olivia or Team Fauxlivia?

Carissa:  Both. For different reasons. I identify with Fauxlivia far more than Olivia, but I like how Olivia has lightened up since she came home. I think Peter is really in love with Fauxlivia, but I think he should stick with Olivia. I want Fauxlivia and Lincoln to become a couple and raise Peter's baby. Somehow, I think Peter would be okay with that. 

Sean: I want to say Team Olivia because nothing beats the original heroine, but I don’t think it’s that black and white. Fauxlivia isn’t “evil,” but rather a pawn in Walternate’s ultimate plan. She has a lot of emotional feelings and moments that make her just as human. In the end, I have a feeling that these two versions of Olivia will somehow team up to bring Walternate down. Can I say that I’m a fan of both?

Jeffrey: Olivia hands down. Fauxlivia has given Anna Torv an extra reason to shine for sure, but watching Olivia's growth over the entire first three seasons has captivated me like no one since Sydney Bristow. (You know I love my Abrams girls!) While my heart breaks over the latest pains Fauxlivia has suffered, Olivia has been dealing with tragedy her entire life, and yet she still has managed to develop into a strong, powerful individual. My allegiance, therefore, cannot help but be to Olivia.

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Has it been Walternate's plan all along to have Fauxlivia infiltrate Peter's life "over here" in order to produce offspring?

Carissa:  I think it was just happenstance. He's evil, but even he can't plan things out that well. 

Sean: I don’t think it was a part of his original plan, but rather a new circumstance he could incorporate into his dastardly endeavors. Walternate is one sneaky enemy, so I wouldn’t put anything past him.

Jeffrey:  It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that Walternate somehow pumped Fauxlivia full of fertility drugs just for this very reason. Without going back and rewatching starting with last season's finale, I can't put my finger on exactly why Walter sent Fauxlivia over here in the first place to pose as Olivia. Why not just kidnap Peter and hold him against his will and force him to power the device? I think Walternate realized he's lost Peter for good and would not have any other option to power his doomsday device than to acquire Peter's offspring, and used an unknowing Fauxlivia in the process.

Will Fauxlivia fall for Lincoln now that he has expressed his feelings, or is she still hung up on Peter?

Carissa:  I think she has always had a soft spot for Lincoln. I hope she realizes how good they are together and give it a go. 

Sean: As much as I can see Lincoln and Fauxlivia together, I’m still going with no. I think that relationship will be teased in a “will they or won’t they” fashion, but Fauxlivia clearly expressed feelings for Peter. Plus, the addition of their child will be a constant reminder. It’s not going to be that easy to get over him.

Jeffrey: How could she not after that outpouring of emotion? I like Peter, but Lincoln is so genuine, so strong yet emotional. He clearly loves Fauxlivia and I think she'll begin to see that and be able to move past Peter. At least that's my hope. Peter belongs to Olivia. 

On Alias, Sydney Bristow was pregnant, kidnapped and had medical procedures performed on her. On Lost, Claire was pregnant, kidnapped and had medical procedures performed on her. Now, with Fringe, Olivia has experienced the same. Is there some underlying message Abrams and company are trying to get across, is this purely coincidental and integral to each story in different ways, or is it just a tired plot device that should have been better avoided a third time?

Carissa:  I am definitely not up on my lore. Like on soap operas, some plot devices, no matter how ridiculous or diabolical, make their way again and again to primetime. Sydney was pregnant???

Sean: Let’s just say that women don’t like to be abducted and have medical procedures performed on them. That’s not the type of healthcare anyone should want. That being said, I think that it’s surprise pregnancies that are a plot device used over and over again. It will be the repercussions that will determine if it was worthwhile to the story and not simply something we’ve all seen before. I just hope it’s not a Super Baby.

Jeffrey: I might have been the only person who was disappointed when Olivia was revealed to be pregnant with Peter's child, for the reasons above. It seems to be a well these writers/producers are all too eager to return to a bit often for my taste. That doesn't mean, though, that it has been riveting all the same. At least with Fringe, it was a conscious, planned out decision to make Olivia pregnant, where Alias had no choice but to work Garner's real life pregnancy into the story. Despite my initial reservations, I am intrigued to see where they go with this. Hopefully someplace that will blow my mind.

Will we meet Henry's "over here" incarnation?

Carissa: I hope so. He's a great guy. I just hope, given his intelligence and compassion, that he is other than a cab driver on our side. A teacher, maybe. Something wonderful. 

Sean: Oh, I’m sure we will and he’ll probably play a key role in helping Olivia. I wonder if he’ll be a taxi driver too?

Jeffrey: One thing I've learned watching Fringe, nothing happens by accident. Henry's story could have ended after he helped Olivia escape from "over there." If he's back now, that means he is as intertwined into this story as Lincoln, Charlie and Nina are. We'll definitely see him "over here" at some point.

The Observers appear whenever there is a major event in progress.  What is so significant about Walternate acquiring a blood sample of Peter and Fauxlivia's child?

Carissa:  If the blood has the same qualities as Peter's, Walternate no longer needs Peter to power the doomsday device. What that means to Fauxlivia, our universe, their Fringe Team and poor little unnamed super growth baby - we'll just have to wait and see.

Sean: I’m betting that Walternate wants to know if his grandson (or his blood, DNA, etc) can activate the doomsday device. If that’s the case, he might not even need to use Peter at all!

Jeffrey: I'm inclined to agree with you both that he wants to see if the offspring can power the device, or at least engineer a way for it to be powered using the DNA. But that raises a question in my mind: Why did Walternate create the device to only be powered by Peter in the first place? With Peter "over here," there was little chance he'd be able to lure Peter back "over there" and agree to power the device. So why build it that way? Something tells me I've missed out on a key piece of intel somewhere along the way and would appreciate readers input in the comments section below!

Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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