Desperate Housewives Review: Who Killed Herself?

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Promos for “Searching” teased that another Wisteria Lane housewife would be pulling a Mary Alice.

Misleading as always, this preview led us believe the victim would be one of our main characters. Would it be Renee? No, most definitely it would be too soon to see her go. Susan? Too obvious. Though she’s struggling with her dialysis and is searching for a kidney donor, Susan is far from the suicidal type.

Then, there’s Beth, the wife of a murderer and the daughter of a very disappointed mother.

Susan at the Doctor's

When Paul confirmed he killed her Aunt Martha, Beth stared in awe as Paul creepily smiled proudly. Then, her mother, Felicia, tells her she’s never done anything right and is a complete disappointment. Poor Beth. She always tried to do the right thing and even in her last few moments of life, Beth wanted to find meaning in her life by helping Susan.

Now that she’s out of the picture, how will her death affect those that pushed her over the edge? More importantly, will her kidney go to Susan? What about Bree and her need to find purpose in her life by helping one of her best friends?

As for Susan and Mike and their series of unfortunate events, they were just trying to celebrate their July anniversary a little early after hearing bad news from Susan’s doctor. I got the point after the first couple of incidents; nothing was going to go right. The unnecessary scene with the civil war reenactment actors seemed a little strange and random. Toward the end, though, Susan and Mike shared a sweet and memorable moment about her not giving up her life and wanting to enjoy every moment of every day.

Meanwhile, Gaby’s jealousy of Lee and Bob's adopted daughter's violin talent seemed out of place. At first, I didn’t think she would be so quick to pressure Juanita into anything and would even be a little appreciative of her daughter’s talent (by the way, Celia’s still not in sight)... even if it was armpit farting!

I was so happy to see Juanita tapping her way into making her mom proud.

Elsewhere, Lynette convinces a non-maternal Renee to reconsider adopting a baby. I hope that the writers have much more in store for Vanessa Williams because this storyline felt out of character and boring for someone like Renee – she’s never expressed any interest in being a mother. It’s hard to believe that a few minutes of seeing Lynette tearing up about Preston and Porter’s moving out and growing up would change her mind.

Lastly, I’m concerned for Bree and didn’t know that she was feeling so lost. By the way, why did it seem like Bree was hesitant about being the donor after being told she was told she was one of the two matches found for Susan? I get that she was maybe in disbelief at first, but it really felt and sounded like she wasn’t too thrilled to hear the good news. I wonder if Bree can still help Susan and how she will mend herself back to the Bree we all know.

Overall, this episode was somewhat predictable and slow-paced. With Beth’s death, a slew of questions remain that will greatly affect many of our main characters. I’m hoping that the next episode will move much quicker and we’ll get the answers we need as we inch closer to the season finale.

Searching Review

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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Beth: She told me you were a monster who killed Aunt Martha, but then I fell in love with you and I realized you'd never could have done such a thing. It was all a lie.
Paul: Oh, Beth, that was no lie.

Lee: Well, this should be interesting. Two different parenting philosophies and a talent show to prove which one of us is right in front of hundreds of people.
Gabby: Yes, will it be the overbearing hypocritical father or the loving mom who still looks hot in these sweats?
Lee: Game on.