Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil: A Round Table Q&A

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Chuck did not really impress our reviewer this week. This was a rare feat for what is usually one of the TV highlights of the week. He is but one critic, however.

What did our other staff members think of "Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil"? We've got the bases covered here, via today's TV Fanatic Chuck Round Table:

1. Favorite Chuck quote of the evening?

Dan F: Morgan: "No, Morgan, don't lead with the beard. Let it be a pleasant surprise."

Dr. Toboggan: Big Mike: "When you move into the forest you can't complain the wildlife is making too much noise."

Eric H: Ray Wise doing his best (slash terrible) Volkhoff impression.

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2. Since Volkoff left the lamest safety deposit box ever at the First Bank of Evil, pick what you think the evil mastermind should have left behind.

Dan F: I just wanted to see a whole bunch of gold and secret evil weapons, but I think the Doctor is right... this will help with his long term plan to bring his daughter to the dark side.

Dr. Toboggan: Exactly what he did, it was all part of his plan. If he left anything work related behind the CIA would have gotten it right away so he had to lure his daughter away from them.

Eric H: Yes guys, clearly as far as the plan goes it was the best thing he could have left... but come on! All that security! The clever nickname of The First Bank of Evil! I was hoping at the very least for some kind of cool weapon. Or a black American Express card.

3. More awkward living situation for Morgan: Jeffster's van, Casey's house or the Buy More couch.

Dan F: I don't understand what the problem is with living in the Buy More. I would sleep in a Best Buy any night of the week. The theater room with a leather couch? Count me in. I don't know about awkward but living with Jeffster! would have to be the most disgusting.

Dr. Toboggan: Jeffster's van clearly would be the most awkward situation for any person to be thrown into, especially with their friends from the Renaissance Fair. However I am glad he is staying with Casey because it means we get to see those two interact even more. Plus I can't wait to see Morgan try to have Alex over his new house.

Eric H: I'm going with Casey's house. Jeffster's van has an extra room AND all the Ren-tang you can tap. The Buy More couch features a state of the art home theater room, quick commutes to work, and all the sleep aid teddy bears you need. Casey's house, meanwhile, has the scariest man sleeping next door as you lie with his daughter.

4. So what the heck is Casey's new gig!? (Besides boring...)

Dan F: Casey is creating a rival castle in which he will start his own evil corporation and then take down Chuck and Sarah. No that's not nearly boring enough.

Dr. Toboggan: Just boring. He needs to go back to tending bar with Morgan.

Eric H: I assume they're setting up some sort of accounting firm for Castle. Tax season is coming up and I can't think of anything more boring on this planet. Besides this waste of Adam Baldwin's talent.

5. And is Vivian evil yet or what?

Dan F: I don't think she is. It's too obvious at this point. Maybe she will pull a Mary Bartowski and pull us back and forth on the subject from week to week, but I think this could be part of her overall plan to take down whatever is left of the evil corporation that ruined her youth.

Dr. Toboggan: Yea she's gone. We all knew it was bound to happen but now it will be interesting to see how quickly she changes and if she comes after Chuck. It seems like we are building to another wedding season finally filled with gunfights, Jeffster!, and guests who somehow don't hear or see any of it.

Eric H: I'm pretty sure the bank manager's right and we're seeing her father in her.

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