TVF Exclusive Contest: Predict Grey's Anatomy and Off The Map Love Connections and Win Prizes!

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Fans of Shonda Rhimes dramas, we have a fun opportunity for you.

Come up with the best Grey's Anatomy and/or Off The Map love connections and win a prize from TV Fanatic and ABC! Here's what you have to do specifically:

You can enter for either show or both. Just choose two characters you would like to see become an item and write up a storyline that would lead to this relationship.

Simply post your story in a comment below to enter!

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There will be one Off the Map prize pack and one Grey's Anatomy prize pack, each comprised of a T-shirt, tote bag and notebook, awarded to the winner for each show.

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We'll announce the winner Monday, March 7! Good luck!

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The Field of Torres It had all started one summer afternoon when a pregnant women in her late 30s was rolled into the hospital on a gurney. Lucy rushed over and Callie did as well. They swiftly brushed shoulders and smiled a shy but polite smile. It seemed like it was going to be a normal day in Seattle West.... Arizona was away from the hospital looking after her father, whom had just returned from the army. She would call Callie on a daily biases to make sure her girlfriend didn't do anything stupid. Callie: The patients name is *she looks up* My sister? Lucy: What do you mean your sister? Callie: that’s my sister! Lucy: oh shit- that sucks…I mean I am so sorry for you? Callie just stared from her sister to Dr. Fields and didn't really know how to go about any of this. Lucy put her hand on Callie’s shoulder which maked Callie freeze on the spot. This is a feeling she hadn't had since she meet Arizona Robbins. Callie slowly turned her head to face Lucy who was giving Callie a reluctant smile. Callie couldn’t help but wonder what really lies behind this “Lucy Fields,� and exactly how she had so much power over Callie with just one touch.


Mark and Lexie have always been so adoring together - she turned the bad boy/ player into a real man, but sometimes love works in odd ways.. Mark and Lexie still have feelings for each other, but love is sometimes not enough, and the timing never seems to be right. Lexie was sad and confused and the walking toothpaste carmershal just made it all so esay. The look in his eyse and her laughter spoke for it self - their chemistry was undeniable, even Lexie couldn't find an exscuse to eat intensive penutbutter choclate anymore. Sometimes we all need a little slow phased love, a little splach of "look how great we could be, see how uncomplicated we could make it"...The timing is just perfect.... Even though it would be a lot less complicated, sometimes sparks is not enough... She needs to let this happen, and see where it will bring her... Maybbe Mark are her destination, but Avery would be great to have along for the ride, we all need a litlle detour sometimes, we all need change.. And if they have nothing to talk about she could always just look at him - her own mc. handsome...


In the hopes that Izzie may come back someday . . . Izzie calls Alex and tells him they need to talk. It can't be over the phone, they have to meet in person. He is with Lucy at this point, so he decides to ignore her. She shows up in Seattle anyways and corners him. Izzie tells him that she is engaged and her and her husband-to-be want to have a kid. The problem is she has no more viable eggs because of the cancer treatments. There are frozen embryos though, that have been fertilized by Alex. She came to ask him it would be okay to have his child with her fiance. He says it's fine and he doesn't really care, even though he obviously does. Izzie makes an appointment to have the treatment. It happens to be with Lucy. Lucy tells Izzie she needs the signature of the male before they can go ahead. Izzie knows that will be fine and pages Alex. Lucy then awkwardly finds out that they were once married and Alex is planning to have a child without telling her. Soon after Lucy breaks up with Alex. He then feels pretty crappy, but realizes it has nothing to do with Lucy, but with Izzie. We find out later that Izzie's fiance has refused to marry her if she can't have kids. She came to Seattle secretly and was going to reveal to him she was pregnant without mentioning he wasn't the father. Later that night, Alex is in Mer's kitchen drinking. He keeps listening to Izzie's phone message on repeat. He starts to cry. The door opens and someone walks in, it's Izzie. She was supposed to have left earlier that day. She sits beside Alex and they stare into each other's eyes. She says "I'm not having this baby without you." She broke up with her fiance because their relationship was filled with lies and ultimatums, and her true love is Alex of course. They kiss passionately, and they are finally reunited. The end!


Cole and Minard of course, but that night turn into a whole Yang and Burke thing all over again so I don't know. I want Avery and Kepner to get together cuz c'mon we have all seen it coming. They are the new Alex and Izzie in my opinion. Alex needs to either get with the OB doctor or have Izzie come back and have them live happily ever after. Fuller and Brenner would be a good clash against each other and I want them to get together but they kind of have like an Alex and Meredith thing going on where they will just become really close friends, but I don't know. Clark and Keaton better get married and have cute little jungle babies and save lives via the rainforest.


Ok so this is my romantic storyline for Off the Map. Brenner goes to Mateo’ s house and see’s that he is running an illegal cocaine operation. He tells her a story about how it is keeping his family alive and that it is not harming anyone. Blah blah blah. Before Brenner leaves Mateo’s the camera zooms into another man watching her as she leaves. Brenner returns to the clinica confused and unsure what to do. Keeton can tell that something is bugging Brenner and wants to ask but feels as though he will be overstepping boundaries in doing so. He is currently committed to helping Clark because of her failing heart condition. Clark has had several options presented to her but has refused them all. Keeton is now checking in to see if his wife who will not be coming out of the coma heart is compatible with Clarks. It is! After some convincing Keetons wife and Clark fly to New York to have the transplant done. It takes several shows before Clark returns but she is married! While in New York she falls in love with an ex-beau who she dated in medical school and was assigned to her case in New York. They are gitty, happy and in love. During this time Brenner continues to see Mateo secretly. One evening when Brenner is leaving the pub to go and meet Mateo a man approaches her outside. He beats her up and threatens her to stay away from Mateo or he will kill her. (The man works at the cocaine operation and sees that Mateo is falling for Brenner. The man can see the change in him and knows that he will soon give in to the good side and turn in the operation putting his family and means of life at risk) Mateo finds Brenner unconscious on the ground stabbed, bleeding and beat up. He picks her up and rushes her to the Clinca where Keeton is closing up. He carries her up the steps as Keeton runs to him to help. Mateo tells Keeton take her, help her and that he did not mean for this to happen and that they will not see him again he is going to turn himself in. As he turns around he adds that Brenners heart really belongs to Keeton not him and that he would be a silly fool not to act on it she is amazing. Keeton simply replies with “I know�. Keeton runs Brenner into the clinca to start helping her. This still takes a while before they confess their true feelings for each other. It happens when the clinca is taken hostage! Now for Minard and Cole secret relationship. They make out one night after the pub and decided that they like this and will continue it but secretly! Alvarez decides that she is going to try to pursue and spark up hers and Coles relationship again not knowing that him and Minard have already sparked something up. Fuller meets Charlies long lost sister and Charlie… Want to read more???


Mark is in the local bar getting drunk because Lexie just informed him she is getting engaged to Avery. He had tried over and over to gain her forgiveness and she had had it. After all what is not to like about a rich handsome up and coming doctor on the same level as she is. Mark had been far too old and warped. In to the bar walks the new chief of OB. She too is looking to tie one on. Her short lived affair with Alex ended when his ex-wife appears on the scene once again ill. He felt sorry for her and dumped the pretty OB chief as fast as you could say push. She sits next to Mark and BAM it is as if lightening had struck.
Mark is in the same boat as she is in. Misery loves company after all.


meredith and derek hook up in the in-call room alex find'
s out the seckert and goes and tell everyone in the hospital then she get really mad at alex the she kicks him in the wee -wee
and then tell her sister and then alex tacles mere and derek see's and think she cheating on him so he hate's mere and is afride of mere being his wife. then derek hate's mere till he loves her again thatwould would be in 365 day's


My prediction is that mark and Callie realized that they loved all along and raising the baby as a family is the best idea and so will Lexie and Avery.


Alex hooks up with Dr. Lucy Fields. When they are having sex in Alex's bed, the doorbell rings. Alex goes downstairs to answer it. We see his smile fade and then we see Izzie on the other side of the doorway. This is the perfect cliffhanger for an episode. In the episode after that, Alex must choose between Lucy and Izzie. In the end of that episode, he chooses Izzie and Dr. Fields leaves. Izzie stays for the rest of the season, but in the season finale, she can see that Alex has feelings for April Kepner. She tells him to be with April and then she leaves. Alex and April hook up in the end of the finale.


Okay first off, Sloane comes back basically just to ask for money because she knows daddy Sloan will give her some. She then hears that Mark is going to have a baby and she gets oddly jealous. She sticks around for a little while but doesn't tell Mark it's because she's jealous. She starts calling him 'dad' and tries to be like a daughter. She tells him she wants to go back to school and he agrees to help fund her schooling. One night he comes home and is all excited about the new baby coming and Sloane and Mark get into an argument where she says, "I'm not enough of a daughter for you so you need another one? It's Callie and Arizona's baby!" Mark gets upset and Sloane leaves and goes to the bar. She's crying when Alex walks in. He comes over to her and asks if she's okay and she hugs him and says I just want it to be me. I want to be his only daughter. Alex pushes her off gently and looks at her and says "they're having a boy so you'll still be the only daughter" -he's trying to make her smile- she smiles and says 'thanks' With her arms still around his neck she pulls him closer and kisses him. Right at this moment Dr. Fields walks in and sees this. Her mouth drops open and Alex sees her and pulls away. She scrunches her eyebrows and shakes her head as if to say to herself, no you do not like him. The next day when Alex comes into work she's ignoring him again and not talking to him. He corners her in the elevator and says, "I don't care that you don't like me but you can't forbid me to be on your service." She looks at him and says, "You're an ass. You're a blind ass. Don't you see.." Alex cuts her off by kissing her. She tries to push him off at first but then she wraps her arms around him. When the elevator doors open she walks out with a smile on her face. Over the next few days they just smile at each other, being shy. Then when they're both treating a patient together Alex just blurts out, "You wanna go out to dinner tonight?" She stands there shocked for a moment...and then the child they're standing over says "I think you should say yes." Dr. Fields smiles and says, "Yes." They go out to dinner and make small talk, learn a little about each other, and after the date he walks her to her door planning on a goodnight kiss, but the goodnight kiss led to more. We just see the door shut behind them. After a few dates Arizona asks her, "what's going on with you and Karev? You guys and item yet?" Lucy says, "I think he's scared so I'm gonna ask him tonight if he wants to be serious." We see Lucy and Alex in bed. He looks at her like she's the greatest person he's ever been with and she asks him flat out, "You wanna be serious with me? Be a real couple?" He says, "I thought we already were." She smiles and lays down. When he thinks she's asleep he says, "I think I love you." Then he holds onto her tighter and lays his head down. Now you see that she's awake and she says, "I think I do too." ---and thus they fall in love. :)

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.