This is Your Standard Taylor Momsen Sighting

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It's been awhile since we heard from Taylor Momsen, on or off the set of Gossip Girl.

It's unclear when she'll return to the show (hopefully soon), but in the meantime, she's doing her thing. Fans of Taylor and the show have a pretty good idea what that is.

Here's the Pretty Reckless singer in (sort of NSFW) action over the weekend ...

Momsen T

Standard Taylor Momsen concert attire.

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she is obviously just another disney child trying to be "bad". Least when miley cyrus went into music, she was herself and it was all natural.
Taylor on the other hand... is just taking bits and bobs from dark artists like marilyn manson, and repeating everything they have all done. PATHETIC lol. She only got a record deal cause she was already "famous" so the record company knew they'd make money off her... then throw her away in a couple years.


No one cares what this irrelevant poser is doing. She tries desperately every week to do something to "outrage" everyone for publicity, but nothing she does is outrageous or new. We've seen it all before. She just makes me yawn. She is so manufactured and like a puppet on a string to her record label. Zero talent, zero credibility as a "rocker".....just a valley girl from a television show who was handed a record deal so people could make more money off of her. This gimmick is really old. All she is doing is becoming the less popular more skanky Avril Lavigng of her generation, minus the success. The fake "rocker" image, the trying too hard, the non stop stupid comments she makes to cause controversy...I cringe at how desperate this girl is. Hopefully she'll give up soon and realize that she has MUCH more potential to be famous from her show Gossip Girl, than her band which has been virtually ignore by the public.

Steve marsi

I said it earlier and will repeat it again - if you want us to post photos or a story on Taylor, just send us a tip. A lot of times we simply don't find every single one with everything else going on (when there are new episodes of Gossip Girl to cover especially). There is no intent to "destroy" Taylor or report only "negative" news. If there's something newsworthy we see, we report it - and if you think we've missed something, point us in the right direction!


The people who put the photos on this site aren't the ones hurting Taylor Momsen; she's doing that to herself. Are they supposed to cover it up, when she does silly things like this in public? There's "fashion experimentation", and then there's leather granny panties and "I fuck for Satan". I'm not seeing how that's either experimental or fashionable. Instead, it's called "trying too hard", and for what? To be shocking? different? cool? No, none of the above. Taylor is never going to be Wendy O., let's put it that way. As she herself observes, in one of the only astute comments I've heard from her, she's a product (and a very cheap one, at that). I find her embrace of that status really, really sad, and it's even sadder that her parents helped her become one. They're like the parents on that "Toddlers and Tiaras" show. This is what happens, ten years later: "I fuck for Satan!"


Isn't she like seventeen?
God, where ARE her parents? o.O I miss her on Gossip Girl, though.
The Jenny from S1/2 was a really good character.


So she's experimenting with her style. So what?
I like her music, I think she's quite talented.


Taylor Momsen has plenty of decent photos out there, and yet this site always post the worst shot of her here. She appeared in plenty of interviews and magazines and commercials with good spirit, and yet this site never post them. But magazine covers and news of commercial that Blake Lively and Leigthon Meester take part in, this site always managed to post it. I hope staff members of this site enjoy destroying Taylor Momsen.


ppl love to say how great it is, that a singer can express themselves so well, when speaking of the likes of gaga and a few others.. but when a young person does it.. they are very quick to go the opposite way, and expect them to tow the society line.. be the good lil girl/boy.. sorry, to me she has yet to do a single damn thing most teens did at her age, hell.. id hate to see some of the stuff i did posted around for all to see lol... and im sure the same goes for most ppl here.. give the girl a break, and let her be her, and not what you want/expect her to be...


If you can't see the sadness here, I can't help you, sorry.


Not that I'm being offended though (I see ppl are getting offended)


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