The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Daddy Issues"

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Welcome to weekly The Vampire Diaries Round Table, as our esteemed panel is here to analyze the latest episode of this CW smash, reviewed HERE.

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by TV Fanatic writer Steve Marsi and fellow critic Eric Hochberger to discuss topics from "Daddy Issues" ...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt: It was short, it was simple and it wasn't snarky. But, man, it got me when Elena told Caroline "We're gonna slumber it." The show doesn't often stop and focus on friendship moments such as this. It was beautiful.

Steve: My favorite of many great Damon quotes was, "I'm steering clear of all women at the moment... trust me, it's in the best interests of women everywhere."

Eric: Can I just cite the entire fight sequence between the vampires and werewolves in the woods? Very dramatic and well-filmed all around. And I didn't see Jonah coming to the rescue!


Do you trust John Gilbert?
Matt: On one hand, he tried to burn Damon alive. On the other hand, he has recently-sewn-back-on fingers. So it's hard to say. But I was moved by his speech to Elena and his rejection of the ring he gave Jeremy and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. For now.

Steve: Does anyone? This guy was shady even before this mysterious, quasi-unexplained return that smacks of suspiciousness.

Eric: Yes, I trust him... to keep me guessing about his intentions!

Hotter Damon scene: Shower or bathtub?
Matt: The bathtub. Call me a sucker for blood and bubbles.

Steve: Best tie ever. The only downside? Every subsequent episode not bookended by Ian Somerhalder in the shower will now feel like a letdown.

Eric: The shower. The tears in my eyes from Damon's touching admissions to Andie made it difficult to see a lot of the bathtub scene.

Are you on Team Caroline or Team Tyler?
Matt: Team I Understand Both Sides. I felt worse for Caroline, of course, because she was tortured for hours and all. But put yourself in Tyler's position: he's as confused and lost as one can be. I don't blame the guy for his hesitation in unlocking that cage.

Steve: Going with my girl Caroline on this one. Vampires all the way. I like Tyler, but haven't seen enough of his team to feel any sort of loyalty to his canine kin. Plus, Caroline is very cute.

Eric: Team Tyler has alliteration going for it, but Team Caroline is on the side of the girl who was trying to protect her friends and who was shot full of wooden bullet holes. I'll go with the latter.

When the heck did Jeremy and Bonnie start dating?!?
Matt: I have no idea, but I was very troubled by their sudden closeness last night. Fans haven't come together to finalize a nickname yet. Jonnie? Beremy?!? Hurry up and sound off!

Steve: Around the time Alaric went looking for Isobel, happened to find John and decided it'd be cool to bring him back instead because he can help. Both developments were sprung on us out of nowhere.

Eric: Who said they were dating? High school is all about hook ups these days. Just because Jeremy put his arm around Bonnie, and just because they shared a table at the Grill, doesn't mean they are anything more than friends with benefits.


Oh and Am I the only one thinking that all those people are way too forgiving? I mean why the hell would John want to get Katherine out of the thomb?! She cut his finger!
Well this is how the show works, right? Remember Lexie?


Ian Somerhalder is hot no matter where he's half naked, but I'm gonna go with the shower on this one. And Team Caroline all the way!!! I'm amazed by how I love this character more and more. And ITA with you Eric! For me Bonnie and Jeremy are not dating! At least I hope so cause if they are and we didn't see how it actually started it would feel like a total let down by my favorite show.


I am on Team Tyler because Caroline could have told him about everything when she had the chance. I cannot wait until John gets Katherine out of the tomb so John/Katherine/Isobel can team up together.


Team Caroline! I already explain why in the rewiew comment^^
At the end, we can see why Caroline didn't tell Tyler, see how it worked...
Stefan didn't physically harmed him, he just kept Tyler to speak to him while his "were friends" were torturing Caroline...Caroline was right to be mad and not accept his apology already.


Jernie! well that's foreshadowing! And poor Caroline being trapped ..but we all understand Tyler! we just want them to make out :D


My favorite quote was this one: "Better watch your back. I just might have to get a superhero haircut of my own and steal your thunder."


Jeremy and Bonnie: Jonnie.
Enough said.


Favourite Quote:
Damon- better watch your back. I just might have to get a superhero haircut of my own and steal your thunder. And the bathtub scene was WAYYY sexier!!


my favourite bonnie and jeremy couple name has to be Bilbert!


Hotter Damon scene: Shower or bathtub?
BOTH! but the scene of the blood and bubbles? plus 1 Are you on Team Caroline or Team Tyler?
i think im with caroline, ok tyler lost his uncle but, c'mon, caroline was there when he suffered the transformation and she almost get killed when he almost escaped & now he doubts to let her out of the cage? not a good move. But still, i want them together! Haha When the heck did Jeremy and Bonnie start dating?!
i seriously didn't notice when jonnie star dating i mean, that was FAST! LOL

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