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Oh and Am I the only one thinking that all those people are way too forgiving? I mean why the hell would John want to get Katherine out of the thomb?! She cut his finger!
Well this is how the show works, right? Remember Lexie?


Ian Somerhalder is hot no matter where he's half naked, but I'm gonna go with the shower on this one.

And Team Caroline all the way!!! I'm amazed by how I love this character more and more.

And ITA with you Eric! For me Bonnie and Jeremy are not dating! At least I hope so cause if they are and we didn't see how it actually started it would feel like a total let down by my favorite show.


I am on Team Tyler because Caroline could have told him about everything when she had the chance. I cannot wait until John gets Katherine out of the tomb so John/Katherine/Isobel can team up together.


Team Caroline! I already explain why in the rewiew comment^^
At the end, we can see why Caroline didn't tell Tyler, see how it worked...
Stefan didn't physically harmed him, he just kept Tyler to speak to him while his "were friends" were torturing Caroline...Caroline was right to be mad and not accept his apology already.


Jernie! well that's foreshadowing! And poor Caroline being trapped ..but we all understand Tyler! we just want them to make out :D


My favorite quote was this one: "Better watch your back. I just might have to get a superhero haircut of my own and steal your thunder."


Jeremy and Bonnie: Jonnie.
Enough said.


Favourite Quote:
Damon- better watch your back. I just might have to get a superhero haircut of my own and steal your thunder.

And the bathtub scene was WAYYY sexier!!


my favourite bonnie and jeremy couple name has to be Bilbert!


Hotter Damon scene: Shower or bathtub?
BOTH! but the scene of the blood and bubbles? plus 1

Are you on Team Caroline or Team Tyler?
i think im with caroline, ok tyler lost his uncle but, c'mon, caroline was there when he suffered the transformation and she almost get killed when he almost escaped & now he doubts to let her out of the cage? not a good move. But still, i want them together! Haha

When the heck did Jeremy and Bonnie start dating?!
i seriously didn't notice when jonnie star dating i mean, that was FAST! LOL

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