The Vampire Diaries Review: Who Died? Who Returned?

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This is like a horror movie. - My wife, seconds after jumping approximately six inches off the couch following Jonas' last-breath grab of Bonnie.

It's hard to come up with a better way to describe "The House Guest," as it packed violent deaths, a roaring fire, shocking admissions and a surprise return into just one hour.

Before getting to the return of Isobel, the news that shook Matt to his core and the eulogies for Luka and Jonas, let's start with the most pressing question of all: where will everyone eat in the future?!? Losing the Mystic Falls Grill might affect this town more than the demise of any individual ever could.

The House Guest Scene

The episode wasted no time getting into the action, as we opened on Katherine inside the Salvatore mansion, Damon explaining how she escaped the tomb and Katherine trying to explain why: she wants Klaus dead. She knows what he looks like, she knows where he is, they need her.

Don't you just hate it when black bra-donning, 500-year old, diabolical vampires are right?

Later, of course, we learned a lot more about Katherine's scheming and her true reasoning for sticking around. I had to rewind her rundown of the deal with John to Damon, but as I best understand it:

He showed up at the tomb at the conclusion of "Daddy Issues" and told Katherine he and Isobel wanted the Salvatores out of Elena's life. Katherine could assist. In exchange for helping them kill Elijah, she could save one brother. She chose Stefan. For that reason, Elijah gave Damon the dagger and Katherine never revealed to him the fate that would befall any supernatural who used it.

Conceivably, if Katherine had selected to save Damon, John would have given Stefan the dagger... right? As Katherine herself joked earlier in the episode, likely as a wink to viewers: "So many rules. It's all very confusing." Where is all this going? With Isobel's arrival, it's difficult to say. But one thing is for certain:

Informed that Katherine truly didn't care if he died - nay, actually plotted his death! - it looks like Damon has finally gotten over his centuries-old crush. Way to go, D! Might his feelings for Elena actually dissipate now, though? Originally, at least, they were tied into her resemblance to Katherine.

As for those poor witches... Luka and Jonas were great additions to the show and they left us at the perfect time, in the perfect way: via surprising deaths that will likely play a major role going forward. After all, the Gilbert journals spoke of a witch massacre in Mystic Falls, along with the super power one can derive from a witch burial ground. Or simply the site where a witch died in a violent manner.

Hmmm, what two locations now fit that bill? The Salvatore household and the Gilbert household. Come on in, Klaus, we'd love to show you around! Might those be the words of witch wisdom Jonas imparted to Bonnie? Lure Klaus in, do some serious spelling and take advantage of the way in which he and his son perished. Something to keep our eyes on, fans.

Smiling Matt

And then we get to Matt. Poor, confused, innocent, would-have-died-if-not-for-the-blood-of-his-vampire-girlfriend, Matt. I loved his reaction to Caroline's revelation, specifically the call back to Vicki. It makes perfect sense he'd be especially sensitive to the whole vampire thing.

It did feel cheap, however, that the show cut away in the middle of this pair's confrontation. Sort of a lame way to create a cliffhanger. Still, better than The Notebook. (Sorry, ladies!)

But that's my only complaint in what was a whirlwind of an episode. The awful news? No new Vampire Diaries until April 7. The silver lining to the news? Plenty of time to discuss whether Matt will come to grips with what he's learned... what the return of Isobel means... where the witch burial ground is located... how the team will kill Klaus. And anything else that is on your mind.

Let the reactions fly!


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Wow! ladies can be canning n tats what Katherine is this time around. Y use Sweet Damon to fulfill her crazy desires with John Gilbert. it aint fair really. Matt is too innocent to receive bad news especially of her girl being a vampire same like his sister was.




This was a very interesting episode. I thought Damon was great giving Katherine the cold shoulder. She is only using him for her own ends. Same goes for John Gilbert. Damon is going to exact revenge on both John and Katherine and I think John will die at the seasons end and hopefully Isobel - she really gets up my nose. I hope Alaric does not die. The Salvatores need him and there is an advantage he is human and has some kick-ass weapons! Tyler will be back and Elijah will be brought back from the dead for the big showdown. Not sure what will happen with Matt.. More witches, werewolves, vampires and more to come, cannot wait!


I am not gonna turn into Season 3, if I don't get Delena in Season 2!! Enough! Who wants another silly little love-story in which a 17-year old is so emotionally damaged as to get married to a freak-show (READ STEFAN)!!! Lol...can't imagine such stupidity..instead of enjoying what life has to offer, Elena wishes to commit suicide???!! :P Then at 70 she will be regretting (and kicking herself in the ass for it!!) the fact that she did not ride away with the bad guy (READ DAMON) on his bike, when she was 17---THAT IS, IF SHE IS STILL HUMAN BY THEN!!!!! :P GIMME DELENA!!!!!!!!!


Awesome episode!!! Cannot believe we have to wait till April 7th, that's BS. Damon and Katherine need to get together soon, they deserve each other. Elena being jealous of Katherine staying in the same house as Stefan, sooo cute! I love the Stefan and Elena SHOW! It's great!


@ Matt Richenthal haha I'm sorry just loved the episode so much :), but I do agree with you on the matt and caroline conversation.


I thought that Jonas gave Bonnie his powers too when he grabbed her. But it's probably more likely that he just told her something like the reviewer said. Loved this episode. And God, how I love Damon. He was so strong, resisting Katherine! Caroline too, how she didn't drink Matt's blood. Way to go.


wow! this was my favorite episode so far! i'm usually a little bored and do other things while watching vampire diaries, but this time i was hooked! i actually cried when caroline sang the song, it was beautiful! and matt's reaction to it was freat :)
aaargh i was sooo hoping for him to become a vampire! they would have been the cutest vampire couple, i just love the two of them together, i hope they'll work it out after all!
and isobel is back!!!!! so happy when i heard her voice! mia kirshner is an awesome actress and i can't wait to find out why isobel came back! yay i'm happy!!! :D 5*


Nooooo!!!!thats way too long!!!i love this show but it takes too many breaks:(!!!


this ep was pretty boring in my opinion

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