The Vampire Diaries Review: Hunt. Prey. Kill.

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Elena: He described you as a monster.
Stefan: That's what I was.

Typically, The Vampire Diaries saves its biggest cliffhanger for last. On "The Dinner Party," however, there were twists and turns around every commercial corner, from a shocking death, to an afterlife lesson from an unexpected source, to a witch-on-witch attack, to a naked bathroom surprise.

Let's tackle the exciting episode, intriguing quote by intriguing quote...

His Dark Past

"I just want you to fight for it." So said Stefan to Elena, following a detailed account of his dark past and how Lexie swooped in, saved the day and played amateur vampire psychologist to both Salvatore brothers.

I must admit: I'm a sucker for all flashbacks. These were especially enlightening, following in the revealing footsteps of my favorite all-time episode, "Blood Brothers," taking viewers further and further into the complicated history of Stefan and Damon. Just great stuff all around, especially the way Stefan relayed the advice given to him and applied it to Elena's desired martyrdom.

"I'm going to help you." Said by Katherine to Damon. Correction: a nude, dripping wet Katherine to Damon. Thank you, Vampire Diaries! It's about time some of us guys got a bit of eye candy!

Katherine is clearly an intriguing character, played impressively by Nina Dobrev. But it's almost impossible to keep track of her plots, schemes and allegiances at this point.

I'll save any final judgment and analysis until the season is complete and we see where all this went. But if she's serious about wanting to help the good guys here, why did she come back in such a mysterious manner? Why not return and be honest and offer to help? Then again, she may not be serious about this claim and... well... see what I mean? I'm happy to just go with it for now, but the show does need to be careful with throwing out surprises just for the sake of surprises.

When this storyline is over, let's hope we can retrace Katherine's steps and her motives will remain the same.

"Leave the dagger in." A lesson well learned by Damon regarding how one kills an Original. I'm not too ashamed to say I yelped out loud at Elijah's death. I did not see that coming.

Well, his first death. When I thought he was actually dead. You've gotta love how The Vampire Diaries is so enjoyably chaotic that it kills off the same character twice in a matter of minutes. If this is the last we see of Elijah (and is anyone willing to take that bet? I predict they revive him when Klaus arrives), kudos to Daniel Gillies (friend of the site!). He did a great job portraying Elijah as a calm, collected, frightening menace.

"He took my powers." Poor Bonnie. Readers asked why I didn't comment much on her kiss with Jeremy a week ago, but there simply wasn't much to say. It was easy to see this relationship coming and then it happened. Good for them. Not much to report. That isn't the case anymore.  What is a witch without her powers? What lengths will Jeremy go to in order to help? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

"Ouch!" Pretty much what Elena screamed out when she stabbed herself in the gut with that dagger. Talk about another shocker. Never call the Doppleganger's bluff. Duly noted.

What did everyone else think of the episode? Will you miss Elijah if he's gone? And did Alaric make a mistake by killing him? Klaus is still coming, after all... 


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elijah seemed less dangerous to me than katherine.
i'd pull that dagger out and stick the evil vampire clone back into the tomb.


i don't think Elijah will die i think somebody takes it out and then he might go after elena because elena killed him.

Anna maria

I want Elijah back! Killing him was definitely a mistake!


Of course Elijiah is coming back - or they would have decapitated him. He will be a last resort but Stefan, Damon and Elena will realize they need him to kill Klaus. It will be interesting to see if they chain him or sedate him (can they do that to an Original?) because after being killed twice - I'm sure he will be very angry when they pull out that dagger!!! Bonnie will regain her powers - maybe her cousin will return? Predict Damon will apologize to Stefan about Lexi and Tyler will return. If they are going through with the sacrifice as a season cliffhanger they will need a werewolf. I think they will begin to explore the connection between Elena and Damon now that Stefan's darker side is being revealed. The brothers are no longer just one good and one evil - and the gray areas of both will pave the way for very interesting plot lines!!! Love this show.


OH.MY.GOODNESS !!!!! This episode was SUPER-AWESOME !!!!!!! Crazy-Stefan back in the days was funny and ironic because indeed, it really looked like Damon, and Big surprise, LEXI !!!! I was sooo glad to see her ! The dinner party, so much suspense ! When we discover that Damon might be killing himself by killing Elijah and that it's actually Alaric who does, WOW !! I really didn't see that one coming ! I screamed, I admit, 8am, a big "NOOOOOOOO", I couldn't help myself ! And then, Elijah-like, the guy just raises from the dead AGAIN and walks out, to the die again. Elena stabbing herself was just WOW !
Poor Bonnie indeed, she WAS scared !! Why taking her powers... Probably makes sense... Still, it was sad.
Alaric/Jenna... a little drama was okay I guess. I loved when Alaric said to Damon "I am your friend, so no more lies" because it's actually the first time it's said. oh and John, I just want the guy to get lost !!!
And of course, the kicker, Katherine OUT ???? WTF !!! Damon's face was just priceless !! I can't wait to see how they'll work things out with Elena/Katherine, poor Nina though, big amount of work.
And will Elijah raise from the dead? Sure thing. I also think it will be when Klaus will come, u know, some kind of signal, call on all the originals... Who knows...
Anyways, I LOVED the episode !!!! No Caroline and Matt... didn't actually miss them though...


Elijah can not be dead. I forsee Jonas or someone taking that dagger out.


I have a question about Bonnie. Do we know who her father is? Because the warlock has a daughter, he wants to protect her. If Bonnie has no powers, she can't be part of the spell.. 1+1.. But maybe I am all wrong about this..
Great episode, I love this show!!!


The vampire genre is one I have always enjoyed. It is very gratifying when it is done well like the writers at The Vampire Diaries have been doing. I've thoroughly enjoyed this season and was shocked and horrified to see Elijah staked. He brought so much dimension to his character without having to say much. His deportment alone spoke volumes! He's a star on the rise for sure. The producers obviously agree as evidenced by the loop-hole in is untimely 'death'. That dagger is going to be removed. It's strange that nobody has mentioned destroying his corpse with fire.
Someone posted that they couldn't understand why Elijah didn't simply compel Damon. Damon already mentioned in a previous episode that Elijah was only able to do this to Katherine because the vervain had left her system due to her being imprisoned. Damon and Stefan have been taking vervain daily to build up their immunity. Proof of this was in episode 14 when the werewolf that injected him with vervain noted that it took the entire syringe to knock him out.


LOVED this episode! awesome!... except, they do know that they will have to remove the dagger in order to kill Klaus, right? and when they do, wont elijah be pissed off?
but who knows, maybe the will find a white ash tree?


I have a feeling Elijah is not done. Somebody will probably remove that dagger sometime (soon?) There's a reason why the dagger has to stay on the body. It makes a convenient for the VD writers to bring the original back to life. There has to be another way of killing an Original (for good) without the dagger. I mean, Elijah was planning on doing it to Klaus, and he didn't plan on using the dagger.

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