The Vampire Diaries Review: This Means War...

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I want the boy more than I want vengeance.
Let's get both.

It. Is. So. On.

For weeks during the hiatus that concluded last week, fans had heard about the impending vampire vs. werewolf war. On "Daddy Issues," it escalated. Big time. And poor Caroline suffered at the hand of the shot 'heard round the world. Or the shots heard 'round the world, really, wooden bullet style. Ouch.

Jules and Tyler

You know it's an exciting, action-packed episode when it starts and ends with Damon wet and naked... and those scenes are merely an afterthought.

While Damon did utter some classic lines this week (Vervain is an "acquired taste," he isn't that tall, etc.), there's not much to pick apart about him at this point. We get it: he loves Elena, he can't have Elena, he constantly struggles between good and evil. I love the character, but there's little new to say about that cycle right now.

Fortunately, this installment was a great platform for Caroline, Stefan and Tyler, while it did an tremendous job introducing Brady. It's easy to understand everyone's viewpoint in this burgeoning bloodbath, which is a sign of great writing.

Caroline is still new at this vampire thing and was trying to protect her friends, but when it backfired, she cut ties with Tyler. In response, he went back to the only real family he has right now - and can you blame him? His dad is dead, his uncle is dead and Jules is talking about a code of honor and loyalty. He could use a lot of that right now.

Stefan, meanwhile, is always trying to play peacemaker, but had no choice but to fight back when confronted in the woods. Can't imagine that brawl (one of the best filmed, most tense sequences in show history) will go a long way toward helping him earn Tyler's trust.

Then there's Brady. He's a villain, sure. But he's just living the life he knows. He's likely grown up around those who instilled in him a mortal hatred for vampires. I'm certainly not rooting for him in this feud (the guy doesn't even have a superhero haircut), but I appreciate that he comes across as a multi-dimensional character.

Overall, a tight, solid, focused hour of television that continued to raise the stakes. I'll leave you with a few questions:

  • Do you trust John?
  • How touching was that group hug between Elena, Bonnie and Caroline?
  • And the "I love you" mouthing. Sorry, Delena lovers.
  • Here's your first look at next week.


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Amy jackey

why do some of you people keep saying elena didnt say i love you to stefan? She freaking did say i love you to him. damon doesnt deserve elena. and i loved the shower and bathtub scene. The lycans were pissing me the freak off.


I Loved loved the episode "daddy Issues"! It was fast paced and action pack all the way. I don't trust John when it comes to the Salvatore brothers. He wants them dead and I am sure he wants Kathrine dead also. The group hug was epic and I have not seen the girls this close since season 1. Loved it! Oh and I have always been a Stelena fan. So I thought it was soo sweet and romantic. Paul and Nina have great chemistry. I hope Caroline and Tyler reconcile soon. Though I have to agree with her he should have helped his friends. He hardly knows Jules.


I actually gasped when Brady shot Caroline in the head and I loved that Stefan could tell she was not alright. I am personally hoping Caroline eventually kills Brady (no matter how hot he is). I agree the whole feeling Damon bit is getting a little much, hopeful his distraction will help him suck it up and deal with it. You are also right with the writing I really wanted to be pissed at Tyler but he really is just a lost, angry kid who doesn't know where to turn. Hoping eventually he works it out because I am really looking forward to the triangle with him, Caroline & Matt. Lastly am I the only one who wants more Alaric and missed Elijah?


I am sooo bored with Damon having heartfelt revelations about his feelings for Elena. Give it up already, you don't deserve her and should never be with her, so find someone else already...
The "I love you" scene between Stefan and Elena was awesome! They need to be together forever and that is the reason I watch this show! Who cares about Damon being naked in shower scenes, more Stefan please! He is sooo much hotter than Damon!


Wow, what an episode !
First, I understand Caroline being pissed at Tyler coz he didnt jump in the fight, but poor guy didn't know what to do, he's still new and waaay less strong than everybody else ! He still opened the cage and freed her, so it gotta count for something right ? I really want them together ! And maybe Caroline can have a human sister just like her for Matt, who I really like and feel bad that he's left alone now that his ex-gf is a vampire and best buddy is a werewolf.
I need to know more about werewolves before saying that they are all bad, but what an unfair fight ! Damon and Stefan came bare hand and they had crazy weapons ! Loved that Damon owned up to his actions, that he killed Mason. So manly hahah !
The group hug was cute and touching, I like Elena and Stefan together. I loooove Damon, but he has to find his own girl. Stefan doesn't deserve to get his heart broken, he's so nice.
Don't care about Bonnie and Jeremy. And Jules needs to suffer in the hands of the vampire right after she delivers one of her tough chick line. Hate her with a passion. Hate the actress too !


Gee, how can you tell Kevin wrote this episode. LOL Come on writers everyone knows that Ian S. is you golden/favorite. Just like Pacey was in Dawson's Creek. Move on! I think the reason why people are so down on anyone you guys put up against Damon ie, Elijah, Stefan. You seem to give the best writing and scenes with Ian. Perhaps you could do the same to the others. I mean you have Paul do small parts then make it look as though he's gone off to do something. Then you have Ian walk in a room and save the day. I know that there are quite a few 12-14 year olds that watch the show and love Ian. Also before the older gals say it, them too. Myself and 9 friends get together every Thursday night to watch this show and really enjoy it. We love the horror of course but we also love the romances between Stefan and Elena, Caroline and Tyler/Matt and Jenna and Alaric. However, it seems as though everytime any of them have a beautiful moment together you seem to one up them with Ian. That's not fair to us viewers. I know some of the kids are going to go off on the whole it's the Damon show and silly stuff like that. All were asking is for the writer's to be fair and give us a chance to enjoy a couple of shows. BTW, one of us (Patrick) would love to know if there will be a gay interest for Damon? Thank you


WOW LAST NIGHT WAS AWSOME,love the werewolf war,caroline story was so good,But got to say it.An half naked Damon made me say,LORD HAVE MERCY.......Always leaves me wanting more..


last night's ep. was FCUKING AWESOME..i cnat say this enough damon i love you that is all. poor caroline, she didnt deserve that at all. tyler is a fucking dummy he doesnt kno what to do with him self. brady is a bad ass no joke. but he needs to go. y does jules want tyler so bad? and uncle john i knew his ass was up to kno good. damon should of killed him at the grill. and eljiah i love you too, he really is loyal so far. had the worlock come out of no where. loved that. this is way better than twilight right now. and im a die hard fan.


Damon fans are cute with the whole Stefan and Caroline thing. You guys just want Stefan out of the picture so Damon can swoop in a try for Elena. What guy goes after a chick that his brother slepted with. That's just crazy. BTW I am team Caroline and Matty blue eys.


I am so curious about how caroline and tyler are going to play out

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