The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 47

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With the raciest, hottest picture ever posted for The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, we appreciate readers keeping their submissions mostly clean.

The winner, in fact, tight-roped that line impressively, as "Ebibumx" submitted the entry printed underneath this photo of a naked Damon. Check it out now and scroll down to read the rest.

As always, great thanks to all for playing!

Shirtless Damon S.

Harder!... Faster!... Oh YES, BABY. ..That was a good itch..

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Damon: What can I say? It is hard to be me, at least bubble baths and a hot girl are a good reward.


Shhh...Life is only complicated without bubbles. Breath, Relax

Rhianna speranzo

Damon: yes unfortunately when you turn into a vampire EVERYTHING stops growing.

Rhianna speranzo

Andie: So tell me what's ne... Does this tub have a jacuzzi function because it just got warmer and well there weren't any bubbles a few minutes ago.


Damon:"For the 50th time, I don't sparkle."


Damon: Elena's been complaining to me lately on how I show no "emotion" and how I just don't "feel" I decided that whenever I hear the annoying, pesky voice of her's in my ear to just calm down, count to ten, and take deep breaths. Want to see?


Andie: You are SO hot when you meditate...


Damon: And so this is the face I make when I eat chocolate dipped in blood.


Andie: You want to have the biggest bubble competition?
Damon: Are you suggesting we fart in the water?


Andie: So...what's your opinion on all the vampire shows out there?
Damon: Twilight=Gay Vamps. Do we sparkle? No. Being human= not bad...but ghosts? reaaaalllyyy? And then we have true blood. Immean COME ON. FARIES? what are they gonna have next?! Werewolf babies?!....

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When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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