The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 47

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With the raciest, hottest picture ever posted for The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, we appreciate readers keeping their submissions mostly clean.

The winner, in fact, tight-roped that line impressively, as "Ebibumx" submitted the entry printed underneath this photo of a naked Damon. Check it out now and scroll down to read the rest.

As always, great thanks to all for playing!

Shirtless Damon S.

Harder!... Faster!... Oh YES, BABY. ..That was a good itch..

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@Ebibumx HAHHAHA I fell over laughing when I read urs DEF should win!


Damon: Harder!... Faster!... Oh YES, BABY!! ..That was a good itch..


Damon:(thinking)"All right. This isn't so bad. I like the flowery smell! Which is ok, because I've got my boat! I can actually feel my tension just melting away. I could fall asleep in here. I could drown in here. Mmm...drowning."
Andie:"I told you, you were a bath person. Hey, when we get out, maybe I can give you a facial."
Damon:"I'm gonna need a bigger boat."


Damon: Ahhh!The cold water feels good against my skin.
Andie: Funny.I thought you were always cold like Edward!


andie:oh my gosh is that a gummy worm! (Goes down to eat it) Damon:AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I came...


Pardon, just need a short nap in between rounds....zzzzzzzz!


Andie: Bubbles, bubbles, my bubbles!
Damon: Oh god, you remind me of Stefan. He even likes to think of himself as Bruce and take up a 'humans are friends not food lifestyle'.Me, I'm more like the angler fish.


Damon: I got to sneeze...
Andie: Bless you.
Damon: Damn it now i can't...


Damon:"So, Stefan was more interested in why the wall was hollow then making out with Elena?"
Damon:(closes his eyes)"Oh, brother...when will you ever learn."

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