The Office Review: Good Riddance, Todd Packer!

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Todd Packer sucks.

I know viewers of The Office are meant to dislike this chauvinist, but he was fun to hate in the past, when he'd show up occasionally, toss in a few bawdy insults and be on his way. On an episode named in his honor, however, and filled with more Packer than any other character, I was legitimately hoping he'd leave the screen every time he appeared.

Packer is Back

That's not exactly a recipe for a winning installment of The Office, but "Todd Packer" was saved by the temporary alliance of Jim and Dwight - once they got that Justin Bieber vs. Justice Beaver issue sorted out - and the great use of Kevin.

The latter is my favorite employee at Dunder Mifflin. He was involved in what may have been my favorite running gag on any sitcom, back when Holly thought he was mentally challenged for a couple episodes.

And he came through this week in every scene, kissing up to Packer simply because the guy is a (self-proclaimed) womanizer, admitting that he could shed a few pounds and coming down hard on those who don't understand the meaning of the word "approved." Seriously, people, Kevin has very little patience for stupidity!

Some great throwaway lines and glances on the episode, too, from Stanley's complaint about anything good happening to him being deemed "crazy" to Creed's expression when Michael said the office can't just wait for him to die. I also can't be the only one who finds Erin's random hatred of Holly hilarious, can I?

Nothing stands out about the Pam/Andy B story, but these two don't often interact, so it felt like a nice change of pace.

My one, non-Packer based complaint? The Steve Carell Farewell Tour is getting a little tired. Each episode for weeks now seems to center around the concept of Michael growing closer to Holly, evolving, maturing, etc. I'm ready for the guy to simply move on (and, in case you're wondering, Darryl has my vote for new branch manager).

What did everyone else think? Sound off now as you review The Office quotes from the episode:

Michael: I would like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction, probably because most of you have DONE IT WITH HIM. Just kidding. He wouldn't be interested in any of you. | permalink
Michae: Angela loves p***ycats, Packer loves...
Angela: Don't!
Michael: I was going to say dogs! | permalink
Dwight: Who is Justice Beaver?
Jim: It's... a crime-fighting beaver. | permalink
Erin: I think the ants are waking up — they need to start farming soon! | permalink
Stanley: So something good happening to Stanley is crazy now. | permalink
Ryan: This isn't the U.S. government.
Kelly: What are you referencing?
Ryan: Everything... everything. | permalink
Kevin: I have very little patience for stupidity. | permalink


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Are you kidding me right now? I rewound and watched Andy's scene where he was ruining his computer 5 times. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.... Download streaming music from a bit torrent site from Samalia? Why not?
Then the bologna and mustard going into the tower with, I hope you don't get sick Mr. Computer. OMG I'm laughing writing it. It was excellent.


i think it's nice to see michael maturing next to holly. he has been a mess throughout all those years and obviously didn't know where he belonged. and now with holly he seems to find out who he really is and seems to be getting a new view on many things.
with holly he can let go but still have these nice little moments where they both make fun of something. i'd like to see darryl as the manager, too. he is such a calm island between all the crazies. i wonder if he could handle it without having a nervous breakdown :P


Does anyone else think that Cody Horn might be playing Packer's daughter?


I would love to see Darryl too he is the straight man in all the madness. Loved Jim's best ideas soo ridiculous. Jim and Dwight should find a common enemy more often.

Matt richenthal

@Lindsay: You don't think it would be hilarious to try and watch Darryl seriously run the business, surrounded by the ridiculousness of other Dundler Mifflin employees?!?
The show needs to find someone the complete opposite of Michael, who treated the company as a family and took work less seriously than anyone else. Hence, my pick for Darryl. It would change up the dynamic we've seen for seven years.


If I had a real business I'd want Darryl as the manager. However, things would run smoothly under him and well this is a comedy. Gabe is the logical choice as he is a Sabre employee, everyone hates him, but that change couldn't sustain the show. They need someone to balance out the rest of the cast who for the most part is subdued (at least compared to Steve Carell).

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I have very little patience for stupidity.


Kevin will be eaten. Pam will be taken slave. Jim will be made a Warlord's jester. Meredith will be okay.