The Bachelor Review: Down to Six

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The Bachelor continued its slog toward the hometown dates, when things finally get interesting, with the elimination of two more women last night, leaving the field at six.

The problem with these episodes in between the season premiere and the final few weeks is when the Bachelor himself is so dull, you have little concern for what he does.

Brad Womack simply cannot go five seconds without sounding like he's reading cue cards and stupid Bachelor platitudes that Chris Harrison wrote. He may even use notes.

Still, the women do make things interesting at times, even sans a major scandal.

Brad the Bachelor

Brad Womack bid farewell to two more obvious choices last night.

One of the vanquished last night was the lovely Alli Travis. Brad felt like they only made small talks during their date instead of connecting with any sort of real heart-to-heart.

Brad decided he liked to hang out with her but he was not falling in love with her, which didn't lead her on unnecessarily at least. Kind of rough, however. In any case, no rose.

This left one more elimination and it was another easy call for the man. Much as he protested that "someone like Jackie" had to go home ... who knew Jackie was on the show?

Next week's going to get interesting, because all six of the remaining women - Britt, Michelle, Shawntel, Chantal, Emily and Ashley - have made a real connection with Brad.

Up until now, he's still getting rid of the people who probably never stood a chance because their story lines weren't compelling enough. Sad for them, and for the viewers.

Fortunately, he'll next be taking the ladies to Anguilla, a small island near St. Martin. This will turn out to be a pivotal episode, the last before hometowns, by all indications.

Our Money (pun intended) is that Michelle's run ends next week. Britt too.

Who do you think will survive? Follow this link for continuing, extensive coverage of The Bachelor and tell us who you think has the best chances going forward ...

Week Six Review

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