Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Bad Seed"

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table. Our panel of experts fans is here to analyze "The Bad Seed," as this ABC Family hit took us behind the scenes of the Rosewood school play last night.

Below, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal joins staff members Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger to pick apart various scenes and developments. As always, feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: It's obvious, but it's obvious for a good reason: the shower scene with Caleb. Hanna's reaction to his naked bod was priceless!

Steve: The concluding scene. I sometimes feel like this show is far too glacial in its pace, but I was excited about the involvement of the police and where this may lead.

Eric: Gotta go with the flashback. I'm a sucker for any episode that does a solid job tying the past into the present.

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Are you on Team Ezra or Team Aria?
Matt: Ezra, no contest. How selfish and immature can Aria be?!? He was contemplating a new job that would help his dream of becoming a writer and all Aria could think about was not seeing him often in homeroom?!?

Steve: Ezra, all the way. He was thinking about the couple's future by pondering a job at the college. That way, he could focus on his book, get it published and maybe end up on a signing tour... that takes him to California!

Eric: I was on Team Ezra... but weren't you two moved by Aria's speech in his apartment? I found it very sweet.

Caleb and Hanna's kiss: Hot or not?
Matt: It would have been a lot hotter if it took place in the shower... I mean that literally. The water was likely far above room temperate.

Steve: Not! Not until Caleb cuts his hair, at least. I don't buy a relationship between a guy and a girl who could both wear pigtails.

Eric: Can I go with "luke warm?" Between Hanna's virginity and Aria/Ezra obeying the law/refraining from sex, I'm just anxious for a couple on this show to actually go all the way.

Less trustworthy: Jenna or Ian?
Matt: Ian. I don't think he pushed that girl, and I don't even think he killed Alison. But no way do I trust his motives for re-appearing and marrying Melissa so quickly.

Steve: It says a lot about how far Toby has come that he isn't even an option, doesn't it? I'll say Ian. The guy just seems like to think he's too cool for school. I hate people like that.

Eric: Jenna. She's blind! You can't trust her to drive, dress properly, cook...


Ezra and aria are meant for each other and are cute together. I dont know what to say about hanna and caleb xcept that i dont like that he was using hanna. Ian is soo creepy. He tried to kill spencer!!! Wakeup people


** or A has plotted to put the two of them against the girls... Is whatbinmeant to type below.


I don't think the question is team Aria or Ezra.. Aren't they one the same team? Ezra and Aria both need to communicate better. I decide to ignore that it is a highschool student dating a teacher for the purpose of enjoying the show. When you remove the negative part to their relationship they are adorable.... But making rash decisions (stage manager) and not communicating about their future shows how immature their relationship is. For a 16 year old that is fine, but Ezra is definitely not 16, and he should take the lead and be mature about decisions. Of course if that was in his nature he wouldn't be seeing Aria. As for the Caleb/Hannah kiss... I think it was very appropriately hot for a young girl. Two kids from different backgrounds who really care about each other having their first kiss in a respectful, not too aggressive way is that fairy tale that kids should have for a first kiss. The fact that they weren't ripping off each other's clothes made it hotter to me. Ian vs Jenna?? What if they are in on it together? I mean Ian seems just as distrusting of the girls as they do of him. To me that sounds like Jenna and Ian are either in on it with A, they are A or A has plotted to put the two of them
against A. And I wouldn't worry about the blind joke... Maybe it was a little bit distasteful, but I had a blind uncle who was like superman to me. He didn't let his handicap get in the way, and he had a good sense of humor about it. The blind joke is no different frim making fun of me for being a soleless ginger.


Acknowledging the fact that I shall sound like a total prude right now, but i'm glad none of the characters have jumped into bed with each other yet! They're only sixteen for godsake!


I totally agree. That shower scene was to die for! I’m glad we have such intense fans of the show!! While I work for ABC Family, I’m interested in continuing to read all of your thoughts! Do you have any questions for me? Shannon I saw that you asked how old the girls are. Believe it or not since they are still in high school they are only around 16 or 17. Pretty crazy life for them huh?


Oh man i watch this show because of Ezra and Aria.They are HOOOOOOOOTT, they are meant for each other.
Scene:Aria and Ezra kiss after Aria speech
Kiss was luke warm at best, Hannah need to be more aggressive with bad boy Caleb
Jenna is less trustworthy that girl can see


1. The shower scene for sure. I love the chemistry between Hanna and Caleb because I love Caleb's character. And I can't deny the chemistry that's there. Plus, it was a good scene to show a developing story and it was consequently a humorous scene to watch. Loved it! 2. Team Ezra! Honestly, if I were Aria I'd be relieved that he'd want to work in the college instead because that way he isn't her teacher anymore making it easier for them to be together. Plus, I get where Ezra was coming from when he talked about both their futures, etc. Still, I give props to Aria for the speech in the apartment. 3. I agree with "lukewarm". It was hot because it was between Caleb and Hanna but I didn't think the circumstances of the kiss were amazing or anything of that sort. 4. Ian for sure. Jenna's been relatively suspicious since the beginning but there's just so much to the history of Ian's character that we don't know about. His motives are incredibly suspicious plus I can't wrap my head around the different possibilities of why he married Melissa so quickly.


I'm for Team Ezra and Aria! This couple is what really gets me to tune into the show every week. Sure, I wonder who killed Allison but more so than that, I wonder what's going to happen with Ezra and Aria.
I think that Ezra reacted the way he did a little bit was because he is afraid she's going to leave him to move on so he's trying to prepare himself.
The Hannah/Caleb kiss was pretty hot but definitely could be hotter. I do like these two as a couple though.
I have a question. How old are these girls supposed to be? They are definitely older than 16. Are they juniors or seniors? Aria has to be close to 18 by now.
I definitely trust Jenna less than Ian. They are pushing Ian to much. I keep getting bad vibes from Jenna and Hannah's other snobby friend.


I have to wonder how is --A´s house, i mean she or he haves alot of krap and if its a kid how does her/hes parents give the money to but all of that and how boring kid is i mean have you see the furniture? so classic not even spencer haves them and she dresses like and old women...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
The shower scene. we all suffer from the 'bad boy syndrome' :P the idea that a troubled ‘bad boy' will fall in love with us so deeply that his entire life alters. (eg. beauty and the beast) Are you on Team Ezra or Team Aria?
Team Ezra. Please, Aria was being soooo immature that I ended up fast-forwarding the scene Caleb and Hanna's kiss: Hot or not?
Hot. but could be hotter. Less trustworthy: Jenna or Ian?

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