Justified Review: "The I Of The Storm"

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It just keeps getting better and better. Even though "The I Of The Storm" did not contain one scene with Margo Martindale, the second season of Justified continues to impress.

The rest of the cast stepped up their respective games, as this week's criminals were mostly characters with whom we were already familiar. At the front of that pack was Dewey Crowe and all of his ridiculous behavior. Dewey had me laughing at him, laughing with him - and afraid for his life all in one episode.

Boyd vs. Raylan

Of course, I was laughing at this freak as he finally received his reward for stealing the prescription drugs back. Watching those two ladies make out while he sat and watched in his tighty whiteys?  Hilarious. 

I was laughing with him as he pretended to be our good friend Raylan Givens while stealing the aforementioned drugs. I'm Federal Marshall Raylan Givens! Don't nobody mess with me 'round these parts! And I was afraid for the young man when Boyd put the fear of God in him in telling Dewey: "I know that if you stay here, you're not long for this earth, son."

Can Boyd be any more interesting at this point?  Between the previous quote and when he told Raylan "I was wondering if back when we were digging coal together that you had an inkling of the man that I might someday become," I'm not sure you get more profound than Boyd Crowder.  Has he truly changed, though? It's a question both the viewer and the man himself are really asking right now.

I think he wants to. He proved that when he made the phone call to his Federal Marshall friend to tell him where to find Dewey Crowe. But when he completely lost it at the end, it made it much more clear that he really doesn't know what he's doing. All of this good-natured living is taking its toll on Boyd, and he took it out on Kyle in a fantastic driving headlock! His screaming and yelling after dropping Kyle off of the moving car was exhilarating to watch.

Yes, the Bennetts were around, too.  While I still foresee Dickie as being the most interesting of the three brothers, Doyle's situation as a law man makes things very intriguing. Like when he accused Raylan of being the one that stole the drugs - was that him feeling Raylan out to see if he was also actually a dirty cop? Was Doyle just deflecting his own dirty cop behaviors onto Raylan? Or is he actually dumb enough to think Raylan was the one who did it? 

Whatever the case may be, I like Raylan's explanation of it being akin to one drug user trying to see if another guy is holding. Always keen to the situation at hand, that Raylan Givens.

I love how Doyle went from that situation straight to the ultimate dirty cop move, when he shot the two pill robbers after finding out it was his own brother that hired them. It was great to see that out of a long-term villain.

Finally, Raylan also had some personal issues going on in Kentucky. We opened with him and Winona enjoying themselves 50 miles from Lexington, as the man with the white hat put it. The ensuing fight, in which Winona explained that she didn't want people to know about them because she has no faith in the two of them being able to be happy together, gave me much more hope as a member of team Rayva. Even though his two meetings with Ava were all pertaining to the Boyd situation, I still have hope that these two kids can make it.

"The I of the Storm" was an entertaining episode, laying a lot of tracks for the longer arc of the season. What did you think of it?  Are you anxious to see more of Mags Bennett?

The I Of The Storm Review

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