Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair Cliffhanger Ahead!

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Some want them to hook up. Others do not. But most Gossip Girl fans can agree that watching the Dan-Blair dynamic evolve in recent episodes has been a real treat.

Dair's not going anywhere, either. In fact, expect the pair to remain front and center throughout this month, with a "doozy of a cliffhanger" coming on February 28.

After that, according to TV Line, the show goes off the air for six weeks until mid-April, prior to a season-ending run of episodes carrying us into the middle of May.


What do you think this Dair cliffhanger entails? Share your theories with us below, and if you haven't done so already, tell us if you think Dan and Blair should get romantic:

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SIX WEEKS HIATUS!!! Oh Nooooo!! I hope DAIR comes back better than ever, to make up for the long break. I love GG for Chair and now I also love it for Dair. In truth, we all love it for BLAIR! She rocks!


@tanner1511 absolutely true!!


FYI Kimmie the ratings have been down for the last season or so! So you cant blame it on Dair/dan because the show had low ratings in the fall. They havent been in the 2 mil range in a while. Most of the time it sits around 1.5 mil. And im sorry i dont see arrogance when it comes to Dan, especially when you have chuck bass on this show. (dont get me wrong i love chuck) but really the first season only showed the Arrogant Chuck. Dan is a good guy. p.s. im betting that the haitus has something to do with scheduling problems by either blake or leighton seeing as blake was recently making a movie and leighton had to promote her. If your a true GG fan you will wait it out like we always do (we dont like it but we live with it).


I'm so divided on this. I would love to see Dan and Blair as a couple for a few episodes, but at the same time I really love the idea of them becoming close friends. Be it a casual hookup or an actual relationship, them as a couple would probably totally ruin any chance of a strong friendship.


Ed westwick already said like 100 times that he's staying on gossip girl... he just wants to do other work in addition to gossip girl... go look it up... and oh yeah CHAIR is endgame


Yes! I loveeee Dair. Best Couple Ever. I loved the first season of Gossip girl. I was originally a chair fan. However, I am 100 percent done with them. chuck with hookers, etc soooo old. I've also loved dair from the beginning though, they are freakin amazing. It's so fun to watch their dynamic. I just don't want them to ruin their friendship in the process. Like I want them to be endgame personally, but if their not gonna be then I want them to be a couple and fall in love but maybe have it not work out?? something heartbreaking maybe?? but i still want them to always remain friends. I think what they mean by doozy is drunk. Some of my colleges friends say wow last night was a doozy. so i hope its not something stupid like that. DAIR FOR LIFE!!!!!!!! ENDGAME!!! since ill stop watching the show as soon as they are over. besides why do you chuck fans like him, ed westwick wants to leave the show anyway, he doesn't even care about what you chair fans want so yeah! DAIRRRRRRRRRRRRR


What do we think of this cliffhanger??? How about what we think of another hiatus?!!!

Kimberly anne

Kabasian what are you even talking about? Chair is the show. They have the biggiest fan-base. We tune in to watch them, so when they aren't together, we lose interest. Do the math.
Don't tell me the ratings went down because Vanessa hasn't been around.


Kimmie you don't have a clue, sorry. The ratings have nothing to do with Dair or no Chair.


..and seriously, I only still care about it out of habit, and for the consolation of taking a weekly peek at Chace Crawford's ubbertastic looks :P

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