Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair Cliffhanger Ahead!

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Some want them to hook up. Others do not. But most Gossip Girl fans can agree that watching the Dan-Blair dynamic evolve in recent episodes has been a real treat.

Dair's not going anywhere, either. In fact, expect the pair to remain front and center throughout this month, with a "doozy of a cliffhanger" coming on February 28.

After that, according to TV Line, the show goes off the air for six weeks until mid-April, prior to a season-ending run of episodes carrying us into the middle of May.


What do you think this Dair cliffhanger entails? Share your theories with us below, and if you haven't done so already, tell us if you think Dan and Blair should get romantic:

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Never got what is so hot about Chuck and Blair in a relationship, Their sex was never hot when they were together. Chuck is a damaged person and should stay away from Blair.
I really hope they evolve DAIR in a serious manner, while keeping them fun to watch, I wish they could really connect and stay together for more than 4 episodes, so that we can actually get attached to them.
And I hope their relationship means they can both evolve as characters, not like CHAIR which was painful to watch.


i dont know if to feel happy about this post or not...
i mean dair rocks, but SIX WEEKS? ratings down any way, and if the producers keep up with this break thing gossip girl wont survive another season...


Well maybe the ratings are low because nomody remembers to watch the show if there are constant 1,5 month break. This is so tiresome, why is it soooo difficult to either make new episodes or just quit in the end of April. We get like what, 4 episodes after the long Xmas break (nvm that xmas ended quite a long time ago), and now you wanna have a break again. Someone will fill this gap and the producers are digging the grave for the series.


I still can't over some of these comments about how much people hate the idea. I mean to me Chair was overrated. Vanessa was to much of a fuss to be with Dan.Serena is becoming a hippocritical whore. And Nate is too, but at least he's nice to look at. Dair could be a very cute couple and you shouldn't knock it so fast.Plus just about everyone one show has been a couple at some point or another, so why not try out Dair. I'm so for DAIR!!


Whoa!!! BACKUP and FREEZE!!! No Gossip Girl for SIX WEEK!!! OMFG!!! STFU!!!


Honestly, I think it will bring the ratings up. I hope the writers are reading this comment.


spot on, mate!! but maybe they are 12-year-old dysfunctional rednecks or other lower class kids for whom chair is the ultimate escapist utopia to die - or kill - for. as harsh as it sounds that's the only reasonable explanation i have for the deluge of shallow chair fundamentalism and dan+blair hostility.


I like the idea of Dan and Blair both a couple and frenemies. Either way I think it's good for Blair to have someone who really helps her and who she can really go to for help. Yea it would be weird to see them as a couple but as long as she has him and vice versa I think they'll be fine, couple of friends.


@Kasabian : Couldn't agree more


I LOVE DAIR!!!!!!!!!

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