Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss "Empire of the Son"!

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Wow. Gossip Girl fans sure have plenty of talk about after this episode.

We had been promised major cliffhangers, huge secrets and various plot lines reaching tipping points this week, and for the most part, "Empire of the Son" delivered.

Did you like Monday's episode? Do you approve of where the show left things headed into the hiatus (mid-April)? What struck you most about this mid-mid-season finale?

Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and by leaving comments below!

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Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live soon. Right now, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics, we give the floor over to you. Weigh in here ...

What did you think of "Empire of the Son"?

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I've got to agree that for the first time in a long time, I watched Gossip Girl live and was riveted from start to finish. Almost everything worked. I kinda sorta (not really) felt a little bad for Ben and Serena - I even felt for Thorne and now that Raina isn't trying to be the female Chuck Bass anymore I really like her. She and Nate are good for each other. He lightens her up and maybe at some point she'll get him to stop living like such a slacker. Vanessa sucks more than ever. I hate her and her shameless hypocrisy. The way she's trying to put everything she did on Juliet's shoulders! Didn't she try to do that to Jenny first before she vamooshed for the long, refreshing reprieve? I really hope this whole self justification act doesn't win anyone over. I said before that they should just let her be the villainess she really wants to be. It puts her at constant odds with both Serena and Blair and finally gives Jessica something to do. I freaking love DAIR. But must admit my old CHAIR loving heart gave a little twinge when Chuck was asking for Blair. I would love to see Dan pursue Blair; I'd love to see them win each other over. I suspect CHAIR is still endgame and while I'm not entirely opposed to that, it's going to have to be absolutely epic writing to make me want them over DAIR. Dan treats her well and they have fun. Chuck sold her out for a hotel. I tried to forget it during their brief reunion, when they were actually having fun together, but then he (supposedly; I still think he faked his feelings) fell for Raina five seconds later. That is one big ass mountain to try to climb over. For now I say DAIR all the way.


If I had my phone and a glass of water I'd have done the same thing!
Though I enjoy your articulation and accept that an opinion is an opinion I have to use your comment as a base to say that I completely feel the opposite. For anyone prematurely judging the Dair kiss, well...you don't know what happened, maybe they pulled away disgusted afterward and maybe they loved it and jumped on the piano to screw. you just don't know.
Personally I would enjoy either outcome and anything in between. These two have really been carryin the show for me these days.
I'm a huge Chair fan and utterly love Ed Westwick, yet I felt that HIS performance and that of everyone else's besides Leighton and Penn's was lacking.
I also hope that Chuck gets his heart broken about this, he deserves it.
Plus I feel like the Dair storyline was one of the only ones (Goodness...in the last two seasons?) that actually built up, every other actory and storyline seems too much...just too much.
There was a time when the unrelatable storylines seemed completely believable and relatable, not they seem silly. Dan and Blair have at least had time to grow and I hope they don't fizz out. Besides is anyone else looking forward to a DAIR/CHAIR war? :D


The best part of the kiss was the fact that we don't know what they really did and how it ended. So many possibilites. Dair is awesome. The writers did well and I guess Dair is far from over.


OMG!!! I was watching the kiss at the end, so excited that I DROP MY IPHONE on to my glass of water !!! (Crying for the 6 weeks wait and my phone...)


What I think of last night's episode can be described in one word: EPIC!!!!!!!!!

Vani moodley

Hmmmm, i wonder if serena would want dan now that he and blair have finally shared that kiss, I mean, she always looks like she always wants what she cant have I mean she practically through aside dan for ben, and how well did that relationship end??? BLAIR and DAN deserve to be happy!!!!

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I swear I had goosebumps as I was watching this entire episode! I LOVED it from start to finish! Ahhhh! And here I thought I was losing my love and passion for the show! Now it's back!!!!!!!!!!!


oh no, chair fans seem upset about dair and they all keep saying "there was nothing" to it. that kiss and their whole friendship and building up to this moment was AWESOME. dair


This was one of the best Gossip Girl episodes since... a longgg time! I was actually on the verge of tears with the Lily situation and the Russell Thorpe and Chuck scene. It was heartbreaking what happened to his wife and really sad that the pillar Bart Bass stood on was completely diminished in one conversation. Chuck has once again hit rock bottom. And once again pining for Blair. Hopefully this time she'll make him beg for her because she deserves better than always just having to pick Chuck up from the bottom and pull him back together. She deserves happiness, too. Though, I still think inevitably Chuck gives that to her. The rest of the cast was great. Everyone, like people have been saying, had a part. There was a ray of emotions in every scene, there was suspense, and there was the heart of what Gossip Girl truly is... and that is DRAMA. By far a GREAT episode.


The kiss someone described as a "kiss you would give your girlfriend on a drunken night" even though you aren't gay. The Dair relationship became farcical and became comedic this episode. Chuck, Lily, Serena, Raina and even Nate were amazing and even though the trend has been Dair making the show lighthearted lately, they just belonged on a different planet tonight. Their acting was too forced and contrived. I had to cringe in anguish every time I saw them touch or banter. The repetitive nature of their relationship has become blan and unblairable. Enough. Ed rocked the drama as he always does. Tonight I remembered what I've always enjoyed about Gossip Girl. The drama. Leave the comedy to The Simpsons.


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