Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Discuss "Empire of the Son"!

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Wow. Gossip Girl fans sure have plenty of talk about after this episode.

We had been promised major cliffhangers, huge secrets and various plot lines reaching tipping points this week, and for the most part, "Empire of the Son" delivered.

Did you like Monday's episode? Do you approve of where the show left things headed into the hiatus (mid-April)? What struck you most about this mid-mid-season finale?

Discuss in our Gossip Girl forum and by leaving comments below!

Rufus and William

Our review, quotes, music list, future Gossip Girl spoilers and Round Table will be live soon. Right now, Gossip Girl and TV Fanatics, we give the floor over to you. Weigh in here ...

What did you think of "Empire of the Son"?

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What is this piano song at the very beginning of the episode and later when Lilly is facing the lawyer? Please let me know xx


DAIR = ENDGAME :D better then sitting on a CHAIR waiting for nothing :/ screw Chuck ASS!! DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR


to me dair is boring, i feel like the writers are pushing it. but im glad chuck is realizing that he needs blair, its just hard for him to realize but whats stupid is alot of people complain that they hurt each other, duh thats what makes a relationship better. Without chuck and blair to me this show would be dead. Im glad their bring back jealous chuck though;)


This ep felt too heavy for me, I don't know why...but I'm curius too know if Lily will go to jail, maybe make the Captain company LOL


Whenevr Chuck's alone he realizes he needs blair till he gets another girl to sleep wth!




I love GG and everything, but am I the only one who felt that a "huge secret" was not revealed?? Yes, Chuck's dad supposedly killed Thorpe's wife, but how is that such a surprise... And what was the point of William showing up if he didn't reveal anything?!


oh YES!
finally chuck is coming around and realizing he needs blair. his reaction to nate and raina was so "meeeh", its obvious raina wasn't as special to him as we originally thought. it took a revelation of his dad's to get him to this point but HE GOT HERE hallelujah!.. maybe it danwed on him that he can only be vulnerable with blair, and only she can comfort/support him. even if its not a conscious thought on his part, if its just an automatic need he has for her ("when things get bad i always have blair") im still glad. i just feel sorry for him in advance because in the next episodes he's gonna have to man up and deal with stuff on his own, without her. the dair kiss was done well in my opinion. i think it was exactly what was described: an experiment to see what happens. i don't think either of them were 100% into it, they didn't 'prepare' for it beforehand (no touching, no gazing, no sliding up to get close to each other) and were half-avoiding it. in essence, blair just grabbed him to get it over with, she even said so (just compare to the chair kiss at the end of 4x08) i don't expect there to be fireworks, they might have a few more kisses as a half-hearted attempt to make something out of their friendship but we all know that its not going to develop since louis is coming back. i really like them being close so i'll be very happy for them to be really good friends with great affection & loyalty for each other. chair all the way dude


This was a great episode. I really felt sorry for Chuck, and seen him like he was in the middle of Bart's dead back then, lost and scared, really touched my heart. And the part when he asked for Blair, proved that there's going to be Chair again. Too bad Blair was kissing Dan at the time. Well, i may admit, the kiss as a scene was great, but camoon, there was NO chemistry. Ofcourse there weren't. The kiss had me missing the old Derena times, even though Serenate should be the endgame. But I still think that Serena and Ben make a great couple, and they should get back together. Lily was brave at last to admit what she did. I don't think she's going to jail. Now when William's back in the picture, sure he's getting her off the hook, they get back together, then Lily gets back together with Rufus.. Btw, Blake's acting has gone better. Thank god. Raina and Nate are great together. But I didn't really get the Dair's 'let's tell everyone tonight' thing, and then posting to Gossip Girl there's a secret coming. If it wasn't a big deal (like they said) then why they posted to Gossip Girl, that there's a huge secret coming out tonight? Not loving Dair, but it's great entertaiment. But I still want some Chair, cause we haven't seen 'true love' in Gossip Girl awhile now.


First of all, I have to say that I am a die-hard GG fan all the way; whether the episode is amaaazing or just so-so (and regardless of who hooks up with whom), you better believe I'll be watching. This episode flat out did it for me--not so much everything else, but mostly Dan & Blair. I think they've been stealing the spotlight for some time now. Love, love, love them! And they were definitely kissing again in the promo. can't wait to see what happens. I was not too happy when I first heard about the hiatus, but then I found out that the show will be returning ON MY BIRTHDAY! How freakin' sweet is that?! =)


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