Glee Round Table: "Blame It on the Alcohol"

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It's been awhile, but welcome to the latest edition of the Glee Round Table. A trio of staff members is here to break down "Blame It on the Alcohol," tackling the episode's best quotes, performances and more.

Won't you join editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal, senior critic Steve Marsi and fellow panel member Eric Hochberger for the following analysis?


What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt: A surprise winner this week from Principal Figgins for his introduction to the group's assembly performance: "And now, performing the hit song Tik and also Tok, by rapper Ke and dollar sign ha, New Directions."

Steve: I loved drunk Rachel and can't decide between her telling Blaine that his face "tastes awesome" and her referring to him as "Blaine Warbler." We have a tie!

Eric: Gotta give it to Will for getting seriously racy in his drunk dialing: " I rode a bull and was thinking of you?!?" Didn't know the guy had it in him.

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt: "Tik Tok," no doubt. It had the great intro from Figgins, as mentioned above, following by the important life lesson: never drink a Bloody Mary two days after getting wasted on the morning of a big performance.

Steve: Agreed, Matt. Heather Morris is my favorite lead singer because she can just dance so well as she sings.

Eric: Coach Beiste on stage? One of the few country singles ever covered? Easy: "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer."

Was Kurt out of line in his reaction to Blaine and Rachel?
Matt: I don't think so. Even if you want to argue that he was being unfair to Blaine, haven't we all reacted in a similar manner when a role model lets us down? Even if it's a bit irrational? Blaine wasn't just billed by the show as someone out and proud; he sold himself that same way to Kurt. Made perfect sense to me that Kurt would be taken aback by Blaine's reaction to one drunken kiss.

Steve: No. It's not even as complicated as any discourse on bisexuality: Kurt likes Blaine. Kurt wants to date Blaine. Kurt will get upset by Blaine wanting to smooch any lips that don't belong to him.

Eric: Not nearly as out of line as he was in his conversation with his dad. What does he want from Burt?!? The guy is as understanding as one can be and didn't even issue a double standard about sleeping over here. He said the same rules apply to Kurt and Finn.

Rachel wrote a song about her headband. About which items should other characters pen a single?
Matt: Mercedes and her attitude. It's diva-tastic!

Steve: Will and his hair products. How do the curls stay in place so well?

Eric: Sue and her tracksuits. There's enough material there for a box set.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


GLEE is one of my favorite shows on television today. For the record, I am a 53 yr old grandma with two grown children. GLEE is fun, addresses subjects in some episodes that kids today are experiencing and maybe give them hope, and its JUST FUN TO WATCH!! No stressing, no massive following the plot line or if its politically correct. It's just FUN! Plus for the most part there are a group of people (with the exception of one or two) who are until GLEE unknowns, that can sing, make music old and new fun again when most school programs have taken music OUT of schools. It would be nice to see through this show and hopefully other ways that there be a trend to put MUSIC back into schools so that kids today, like my kindergarten grandson can have the opportunity to experience if they choose to experience what learning an instrument, or having a choir; being a part of something that brings joy without having to be good at sports does.


@uncirish actually web youtube star michael buckley from the "what the buck" show used ke-$-ha before joel mchale did and even commented on it (that mchale used his way of saying her name)on his webs show after the first time joel mchale used it on his show, the soup. Here's the first time "what the buck" called her that.




I have to agree with Steve on best quotes. I loved that she called him Blaine Warbler!


I really like Heather Morris but the autotune part of the song was stupid.


I didn't know they stole that line!! Bummer, it was very funny.


Pronouncing Ke$ha “K-dollar sign-ha� is something Joel McHale has been doing on the Soup pretty much since Ke$ha came on the scene. Kinda a sad commentary on the writing when one of the only good lines last night is completely stolen from another television show.

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I suggest you pre-actively check into rehab, as you are a future alcoholic.


I love hearing about the glee club, but I'm actually more interested in you.