Fringe Spoilers: Return of the White Tulip, Season Finale Teases and More

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Simply put, Fringe fans, you must tune in to tonight's episode. Why?

It takes us back to 1985 and it reveals that some characters have known each other for a very long time. What else can be revealed about "Subject 13?" Producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman offered the following preview to TV Guide...

A Trip to the Past

Peter and Olivia met when they were kids... "We have known it for a long time, how and when we were going to reveal that was determined while we were writing the episode," Pinker says.

The biggest moment occurs when we see how Walter and Elizabeth convinced Peter he was their son... "This is the beginning of the end for her, because we know that, ultimately, she ends up killing herself when Peter was 17. This is that first lie," says Wyman.

White Tulip references will be made... "The White Tulip stuff is all connected thematically because that was the episode where Walter believes in God," Wyman says. "And that is going to come back... it's a very big part of the season finale and where Walter is going to be."

Peter might not discover Olivia is pregnant until next year... "There's a good reason for it," Wyman teases. "We can't tell you now, but we're trying to do something now that nobody's ever done and we're excited for our season finale. It's something we're really excited about."

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I went beaver hunting in eastern Canada in the 70s. Of course, in those days, beaver hunting meant something else entirely.


Walter: How badly does it hurt?
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