Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible: Round Table Q&A

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Chuck had a lot to live up to after last week's finale-like masterpiece, and Monday night's episode may have been light on action, but it was heavy on laughs and heart.

What did our staff members think of "Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible"? We've got all the bases covered here, via the latest TV Fanatic Chuck Round Table:

1. Favorite Chuck quote of the evening?

Dan F: Chuck: "Again, Casey I can't apologize enough for that accidental touching in there. It's just very tight changing space." As good as this line was, I really wanted to see what exactly went down between Chuck and Casey inside that tight changing space. I assume the initial reaction by Casey was great.

Dr. Toboggan: Fatima: Did you ever think your storied life as a spy would come to an end because you picked up a girl in a bar? Roan: Actually, yes that's precisely how I thought I'd go.

Eric H: Without a doubt Chuck sitting there, listening to Roan's Scoprions-fueled montage only to respond with, "Beckman was a dirty blonde?"

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2. Outside Roan donning some polyester, we had no Buy More!  What do you think Big Mike, Jeff and Lester were doing?

Dan F: I'm pretty sure the three of them were in the background of the entire episode... kind of like how Abed was of that one episode of Community. Jeff and Lester were there giving Mama Bartowski pointers on how to handle baby Clara, and Big Mike was giving Roan seduction pointers so that he could seal the deal with Fatima.

Dr. Toboggan: Big Mike was eating a delicious Subway sandwich, Jeff called in sick because he roofied himself again and was sleeping off the hangover and Lester was probably at some bar performing day karaoke. I am not sure why the producers decided not to show us any of this but that is what was going on.

Eric H: Pretty sure Big Mike was giving it to Morgan's mom while Jeffster! were performing a solid Barry White cover. Like the Doctor, I'm a little lost as to why the producers didn't show this.

3. Is there anything Yvonne Strahovski can't do? Rate her belly dancing as Sarah on a 1-10.

Dan F: Yes, she can't be unattractive. I don't like to go above the top of the rating scale, so I will simply give her belly dancing a 10. What made it so good was that even if you hadn't seen the commercials for the episode, you knew it was coming when she mentioned that she would not be belly dancing on the mission. She is quite the temptress.

Dr. Toboggan: No there is nothing she can't do and I'll rate it a 12. My hat's off to the future Mr. Sarah Walker who may be the greatest nerd to ever walk the earth for landing her.

Eric H: 13. Because I'm a one upper and god damn that was sexy. How Chuck did not run off and elope with her that second I'll never understand. He's a stronger nerd than I.

4. Where does Mama Bartowski go from here?

Dan F: I agree. It would be tough to kill Mama B off, leaving Chuck and Ellie with no parents, but she does need to go away. I bet she leaves before season's end, and if Chuck gets a fifth season she will come back for the final arc of what may be the final season.

Dr. Toboggan: After reading the review I agree she will go away as a main character. I don't see her helping out on the missions and there is no reason to have her around as a helpful grandmother all the time. I think she will take on another mission and disappear for awhile. I don't think they will kill her off because if she just leaves they can always create some episodes down the road about her spy troubles.

Eric H: Yeah I'm guessing Linda Hamilton might be a little too expensive and a waste of talent to keep on as a stay-at-home grandmother. I'm guessing she'll disappear on some CIA missions until Volkoff's inevitable return.

5. Do you want more stand-alone missions or return to the overall arc? 

Dan F: I like the standalone missions but I want another overall arc to start now. You can put it in the background while a standalone ep comes in now and then. Better to have the idea of a big bad looming than to just be treading water for the rest of the season.

Dr. Toboggan: I'll take a few more stand alone episodes and then some sort of arc to take us into next season. On a side note, my viral movement to get Neil Patrick Harris cast as the next villain hasn't picked up the steam that I would have hoped so I think we all need to step up our game.

Eric H: Come on, I need at least one more stand-alone vacation. Did you see last night's!? They're just so fun relaxing. Then something tells me we're returning to the Volkoff arc. That something that tells me?  Those damn Chuck spoilers TV Fanatic is so good at revealing.

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