Chuck Versus the Masquerade: A Round Table Discussion

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Chuck offered another standalone episode this week, but one which still included a number of developments that planted the seeds of future story lines to come.

What did our staff members think of "Chuck Versus the Masquerade"? We've got the bases covered here, via the latest TV Fanatic Chuck Round Table:

1. Favorite Chuck quote of the evening?

Dan F: After Morgan explains that he's moving out and opening himself up to the universe, Chuck asks if that means he's moving in with his mom. Morgan replies, "Yeah. Yeah, pretty much straight over."

Dr. Toboggan: I'm going to cheat and instead of one quote I pick Casey's reaction to walking in on the Valentines Day celebrations. His face was priceless looking at each one of the four and not knowing how to react to any of it.

Eric H: Can't believe you guys just handed me this one: Casey referring to Chuck and Sarah as "Charah." Irritating when other people do it, but Casey?  Awesome.

Chuck RT New!

2. Horse riding chase scene: unique and fun or awkward and slow-paced?

Dan F: It was a nice way to use Chuck's flashing for something new and interesting. I've never been a big fan of gymnastics, so Chuck's uneven bars with the tree limb wasn't that exciting for me, but I can see how it could have been cool for others.

Dr. Toboggan: I thought it was pretty cool, I liked it. I also choose to believe that I could do some variation of Chuck's grab the tree and spin move so for me it was a fun twist to the the usual spy car chase.

Eric H: How about unique, awkward and fun! I loved the fact the bad guys were dressed up in full riding gear to chase down Chuck and Vivian. Even the bad guys have style in the Chuck universe!

3. Lingerie with angel wings: hot or weird?

Dan F: Can't it be both? In this case I say yes. The attached wings were definitely weird, but on Sarah Walker they were also definitely hot. She pulled it off for sure.

Dr. Toboggan: Lingerie, hot. Angel wings, kind of weird. I knew Sarah would have something sexy on under her coat but the angel wings put it over the edge for me, I didn't really see the need for those.

Eric H: On anyone else? Just plain weird. But that look Sarah gave when her wings popped out?  Adorable enough that she could pull it off.

4. Vivian: new bad guy or ally!?

Dan F: I'd say starts out as an ally, but by the end of the season she will have reconnected with her father and learned to be as bad as she possibly can. Nothing is going to stop that Volkoff blood line from being evil.

Dr. Toboggan: I don't know probably new bad guy. Although it would take a lot of explaining for me to believe that a 10 minute film would convince someone to start murdering people and give her the know how to put a crumbled international criminal organization back together. But then again it's Chuck so if they tell me she took over I guess I'll blindly follow.

Eric H: Bad guy!! Look her conversation with Chuck was very sweet, but we're talking the offspring of a madman looking with something to do with her life that doesn't involve being a socialite and doing good. What else do you have left? Plus, did you see her wield that shot gun? She's ready to go!

5. And what did she see when she turned the key!?

Dan F: I'm pretty sure it was an adult video of Alexei and Frost.  

Dr. Toboggan: An early 80s style instructional video on how to successfully run the family business. Any time someone creates an evil empire (@TVFanatic) they should always leave behind an instructional video in case the CIA tears the organization down and a certain doctor needs to come along and pick up the pieces.

Eric H: An evil Intersect - aka Hydra! No, it doesn't provide you any information or kung fu abilities - just makes you evil.

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