Chuck Versus the Cat Squad: A Round Table Q&A

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Chuck offered a standalone episode for the second straight week Monday, but the lack of a major bad guy doesn't necessarily mean it's not enjoyable.

What did our staff members think of "Chuck Versus the Cat Squad"? We've got the bases covered here, via the latest TV Fanatic Chuck Round Table:

1. Favorite Chuck quote of the evening?

Dan F: My favorite quote doesn't have to be funny right? Good, because my favorite was Sarah's "I have a question for you. I was wondering if you would be my maid of honor" to Ellie. Sarah Walker having friends will never get old.

Dr. Toboggan: "My first mission I deactivated a bomb using internet pornography" You certainly did Chuck.

Eric H: I'm going to cheat and go with a scene: see Sarah's cat fight with Zondra. I'm sure there was some dialogue or quotes in there somewhere. All I know is I wasn't paying attention to it.

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2. Who would win in a fight, Casey's old A-Team crew or the Cat Squad?

Dan F: This is easy. Casey's A-Team crew. The CAT Squad was tough, but none of them had any specialties. What made Casey's team so good is that each man had a job, and he did that job well. The CAT Squad was just four girls that were hot and could kick ass.

Dr. Toboggan: I enjoyed the CAT squad but come on, John Casey is as close to invincible as I've ever seen and as long as Bryce Larkin is dead (2 for 2 with season one references)  there is not a person or team around that I would pick over Casey.

Eric H: Need I remind everyone Morgan managed to take down the old A-Team? Cat Squad FTW.

3. More emotional: Casey briefly discussing his feelings or Sarah asking Ellie to be her maid of honor?

Dan F: As my favorite quote showed, I have to pick Sarah asking Ellie. There was just such a great build up to that moment. I enjoy Casey talking about his feelings as much as the next guy, but it kind of came out of nowhere and then ended rather abruptly. Whereas Sarah's moment was fantastic.

Dr. Toboggan: I'm going to go with Sarah talking with Ellie. Casey has been showing more and more emotion lately but Sarah usually only shows anything when Chuck forces her too. Seeing Sarah willingly talk to Ellie and embrace her as family was much more emotional for me.

Eric H: Sorry guys, I've said it before, any time the big guy even opens his heart a crack he gets me.

4. Another week goes by without Jeff, Lester and Big Mike. Since clearly the writers can't, give them some new off screen adventures.

Dan F: Here's an adventure for them. Somebody comes into the Buy More, and these three screw it up because they're idiots. Chuck and the rest of the gang has to save the day. Oh this has happened before? All the time? Well it always works, so let's get these three goof balls back in the mix here.

Dr. Toboggan: I don't get it, I thought we gave enough good suggestions last week for the writers to at least bring one of them back this week. I guess we have to keep trying, because clearly the show is better when those three are on top of their game. I didn't quite catch a question here so I'll just agree. 

Eric H: I feel like poor Big Mike has been stuck eating Subway sandwiches and doling out relationship advice for too long. I'm ready to see the big guy bring back his former performing glory and join Jeffster! in an epic jam session.

5. Better stand alone mission: this week or last?

Dan F: As I noted in my review, this week wasn't as funny as a normal episode of Chuck. Having said that, there was enough great heartfelt stuff from Sarah, Morgan and Casey to give CAT Squad the edge for me.

Dr. Toboggan: While this weeks was much more visually appealing, I think last weeks was a better episode. Other than the Sarah Ellie stuff this episode was much more cheesy formula than usual. Also I had those Japanese shooting stars when I was little, I used them as slammers when I played pogs and they are not at all ballistically similar to broken CDs... I dont know why the writers thought they could pull that one over on us.

Eric H: As beautiful as the CAT Squad was? I found the hilarious antics of John Larroquette last week way better.

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