Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible: A New Mission

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Well, he's no Timothy Dalton. But John Larroquette's return to Chuck as super spy Roan Montgomery in "Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible" was a nice way of coming back strong after last week's finale-like masterpiece.

There was only a bit of action, but plenty of laughs and heart. So after you apologize for the accidental touching in the changing space, let's take a look at what went down with the Chuck Triple Threat on this week's episode.

Tied Up Characters

The missions in “Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible," which gave Chuck, Sarah and Casey their much-needed break from the rest of the extended Bartowski family, seemed to be handled without that many problems.  A couple of tranqs saved Roan the first time around, while some shots by Casey from behind a wall and a gigantic bazooka shot from General Beckman saved the day for everyone in round two.

And how about Diane Beckman doing her thing this week?  Not only was it nice to see her helping out Chuck, Sarah and Casey in the field, but she made it clear that she was just as unprepared to settle down as Roan... and she was a dirty blonde back in the eighties!

Which brings me to my first note of comedy from the episode...

Roan finishes his long story about him and General Beckman in the past, and Chuck's first and only response is "Beckman was a dirty blonde?" Classic!  I mean, Chuck really was on his game this week, as he also apologized for the accidental touching, unintentionally referred to Sarah as a ball and chain, and had an extremely difficult time saying no to water or pliers when Sarah offered them to him.

Without Lester, Jeff, and Big Mike, it was up to Morgan and Casey to pick up the slack in the comedy department. Although there weren't as many laughs as usual, Morgan still made my night by asking "Is she trying to kill me?" and "Who's gonna be the best man?" when finding out about Sarah wanting to elope with Chuck. 

And then there was Casey attempting to seduce the female guard – that is, until he called her fat, which forced him to go with the old "tranq and explode" strategy that Roan suggested in the first place.

Apprehended on Chuck

This week's Chuck and Sarah predicament focused on Sarah wanting to elope and Chuck feelings differently  After thinking it mostly had to do with Chuck's family being so obnoxious, it came to the forefront that it was really about the fact that Sarah has no family. That was definitely a sad moment.  Which brings me to my next question: what is going to happen if they have a real wedding in Burbank? 

Is Gary Cole going to come back to walk Sarah down the aisle? If that doesn't happen, I assume John Casey would gladly step in as make-shift daddy.  I wouldn't be disappointed with either of those scenarios.

Then we had Mama Bartowski, hanging around as the world's best grandma. You see, this is the kind of action I needed to see from Linda Hamilton in order to get me to care about what happened to Mama B in the previous few episodes.  If she had been even remotely as caring as this in the past, maybe I would have given a crap whether or not she was saved from Volkoff's clutches.  Anyway, I'm glad to see her taking an interest in baby Clara, even if Ellie is going to take away most of her duties as caregiver.

Moving Forward
So where does Mama Bartowski go from here?  Is Linda Hamilton going to stick around as a regular grandma?  I don't see that happening.  I assume she needs to either head back into the field... or die.  Yeah, I said it.  It's kind of a waste to just have her in five minutes of an episode here and there, taking care of her grandbaby.

Before I sign off here, let us take a minute to thank Yvonne Strahovski for that belly dance. Wow.

So, what did you all think of "Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible"?  Did it come back strong?  Or was it too much of a let down from "Chuck Versus the Push Mix"?  How about these episodes with a random bad guy?  A nice change of pace after the longer arc with Volkoff?  Or do we need a new long-term big bad?

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