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I loved the scene with marco and teddy.
Also loved Max with naomi...until she blurted out that she has the hots for a nerd! I mean yeah sure u do, but give it a little time, why rush things?
the 90210 writers sure do like to rush things, as if they are flying through time, one minute every person u introduce urself to, knows ur father's a pornflimmaker, and the next moment u have a famous production studio (with the same name btw; hey adding 2.0 to my last name will not be recognised with the last name of my father's pornfilmcompany!)
Emily is a good addition to the show, bec personally i don't like annie at all.
Liam is becoming more and more like useless Nate frm GG. Where's that bad boy we all loved back in season 1!!
Adrianna is becoming unrecognizable and so is Silver. I don't like where this is going, especially bec i think Navid is an ass. What he did with Ade is so wrong. I mean, yeah, Ade's become a fame-snatcher but that doesn't excuse him from cheating on her with her best frnd. Silver is wrong too. but atleast she shows some feelings of regret and guilt.
All in all i think it was a below average episode of 90210. But hey! Dixon got a few more lines this time..lets hope Liam gets some more lines next episode.
(the + is only for Teddy and Max. Oh, and the psycho Emily)


Anyone else think Naomi's new nerd crush looks like a mix between Mr. Gannon (her rapist, for goodness sake!) and David Arquette? Just me?


This series so much needed an Emily, primary I think they want to make Naomi the cutthroat bitch, but they made her soft!
I hope she becomes an series regular and spices the series more and more.

Dixon got finnaly a little screen time, they forgot about him.

Adrianna's story line is getting boring truly, come one get over it!

I think the series is getting what it needs, more different characters who will wrap the storyline up! Marco,Max and Emilly are giving this series color!


This show is my guilty pleasure, its one of the only shows were the sillier it gets, the more enjoyable it is.

Also, loved Marco, made me not feel so bad about the departure of Ian.


I liked this epi!

marco is soooo cute aaaah

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