90210 Review: "Revenge of the Nerd"

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Was it just me or did this episode of 90210 reach new levels of ridiculousness?

On "Revenge of the Nerd," Adrianna got her own reality show and the extent of the pilot episode appeared to be her bitching about what a cad Navid had been towards her.  Sensing her Kardashian-ish 15 minutes of fame fading, Adrianna attempted to sabotage Nelly’s video shoot at Navid’s newly anointed Shirazi 2.0 Studios. 

Not only was she kicked to the curb by Navid, but Nelly iced her out, as well. All of which led to an angry confrontation between Navid and Adrianna which, much to the producer’s delight, was caught on film. And just like that, we apparently have a hit show.

Adrianna and Navid on Set

And just like that, also, Navid, appears to have the hottest production studio in town.  That morning he was wondering how to salvage the family’s name -  and by mid afternoon not only had he and Dixon finagled an "accidental" meeting with Nelly’s producer, but had convinced him to shoot Nelly’s music video at the revamped Shirazi Studios.

And even though Adrianna caused a scene and angered Nelly’s producer, who in turn gave Navid a dressing down, Nelly was so impressed with the candy corn supplied by craft services that he practically begged his producer that they come back and shoot all his music videos at Shirazi 2.0?!? Of course!

Elsewhere, Teddy started blowing off classes and regretted coming out of the closet for that other cad, Ian.  Silver lent him an ear... and a tennis racket... and as they banged out balls up on the roof like in the old days, Silver reminded Teddy that what he really wanted was not to go back into the closet but to find the real purpose of being true to himself.  And... bam!

He hit a home run and met Marco, the new guy destined to be the love of Teddy’s life.  Oh, if it were only that easy.

Then there was Emily - aka Single White Female; aka Jenny Garth 2.0. All of a sudden, she became the psycho bitch from Hell.  Not only did she steal Annie’s Oscar-winning part in the neighborhood play, but her laser was now firmly set on Liam.  Feebly attempting to seduce Liam while he helped her run lines, Emily let the tears and melodrama run wild when Annie caught the two of them seemingly canoodling. 

I don’t particularly like Annie, but she really needed to take a lesson from Naomi and give that scrawny chicken in a bad brunette wig a good beatdown.  Later, when Annie confronted Emily at home, Emily really let her Sybil-like personas fly free when she demonstrated to Annie how she could turn the tables on her.  And the reason for all this schizo behavior?  Because cousin Annie won’t be her friend.  And... scene.

Finally, Naomi was partnered in lab class with nerdy Max. Not only did Max help Naomi get her $200,000 back from Guru Sona by introducing Naomi to a rare owl and the concept of environmental protection, but he also awakened a burning lust in her.  Who knew Naomi would choose brains over brawn?   Not Naomi, nor me.

And a raccoon-eyed, tear-streaked Adrianna once again turned to Silver for comfort and support in plotting her revenge on the skank Navid cheated on her with.  Why, hello Silver! Awkward!

In Emily's immortal words: good night!

Revenge of the Nerd Review

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Reality show producer: Naomi, the camera loves you.
Naomi: The feeling is mutual.

I'm surprised he can even get a side piece.

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