90210 Review: Cheating, Lying, Blackmailing

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And the question on all our minds this week: "Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"

Silver and Navid went at it like rabid rabbits on "All About a Boy," while the former kept fretting about doing it all behind her BFF's back: I can't do this.  I'm the other woman. I'm a cheater and a liar. And your iguana is touching me. Whoa, what? Is that what we're calling it these days?  Alas, it was just Bernstein, Navid's pet iguana, but the sliminess abounded.

Major Step for Teddy

Adrianna pulled a play out of the Kardashian handbook and claimed to want her baby back just to land a reality show?  Navid was right when he said "Adrianna is delusional." 

Navid couldn't handle Adrianna's "whole new level of selfish" and used that as an excuse to break up with her.  Perhaps also an easy out to ease his guilt-ridden conscience? I'd say so.

Apparently that pan-faced Katherine woman was drinking from the same Kool-Aid cup as Adrianna when she wanted Annie to audition for "The Importance of Being Earnest."  Of course, because Annie is clearly Oscar material.  But clearly Single White Female/Jennie Garth look-alike cousin Emily had the conniving upper hand when she "accidentally" told Annie right before her audition about Deb and Ryan canoodling.

Surprise: Annie blew it and Emily got the part.

Ivy was still freaking about surfing again and while at first it looked like she had turned to Guru Sona for enlightenment, she eventually turned to ganja instead.  Finally. At least she'll be semi-interesting now that she's a stoner.

Teddy flipped out because he found a blackmail note and an incriminating photo in his locker.  $50K to keep his secret?  Oh please.... maybe back in 1953 (when Trevor Donovan was really in high school) but in 2011?!  In LA?!? 

Still, that was enough to send him into a tailspin and make him want to pay up.  Silver figured out Teddy's deep dark secret and offered him a shoulder to lean on after asking him "How long did you know that you were into guys?" It was funny to hear Teddy respond with "I don't want to be gay.  I'm supposed to be a tennis star."  But he redeemed himself when he added: "How am I supposed to ask someone to be okay about who I am when I'm not?"

Kudos to 90210 for getting to the heart of the matter with what some kids out there probably wrestle with in similar situations.

Strolling into Naomi's desert party for Guru Sona, hand-in-hand with Ian, Teddy was met with "oh my gay!" but the gang seemed unfazed over all.  Later, finding out it was Ian who blackmailed Teddy in order to "nudge" him out of the closet was a kick in the teeth - and just like that, Teddy broke up with the loser.

Elsewhere, Naomi was enlightened like "Madonna in her Ray of Light phase," as grubby Guru Sona conned Naomi into "donating" 10 acres of land for her wellness center in Topanga Canyon after telling her she was on a higher plane than other people.  Once Naomi found out that line of BS was fed to others at the party who also "donated" to the Guru's cause, she exposed the Guru as a fraud.  Shove it up your ashram! All to no avail, the deed had been done... or, in this case, the deed had been signed.

And in her last feeble attempt to seduce Navid, Adrianna discovered he had been canoodling with another chick.  Turning to Silver for comfort, Adrianna had to rely on the very same person who's backstabbing her. Acceptance and happiness and ultimate betrayal all on the same night.

Namaste, bitches!


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poor teddy, ian was totally out of line


90210 writers cant show more than one story at a time. i mean while all the navid silver and adrianna stuff went on they wrote out naomis storyline horribly. teddys was ok and didnt annie and Liam get together last week what happened? it also seems like that when one character has a plot line the others dont. dixon doesnt do anything ivy has such a poorly written out story line. liam doesnt do anything and the whole annie and emily thing is just wierd. plus what happened to oscar and laurel?
I love Ivy even though she has no story. she is so funny. and i miss her and dixon.


LMAO! Maybe back in 1953 when Teddy was actually in high school. I'm still dying but it is true that actor looks old as hell. Like were there no young men auditioning for that part. I like now that the show actually has some interesting story lines. Keep improving 90210.


I liked this episode because of one story: TEDDY. I really think that the way they've handled this story arc for him is great because it feels very real and I'd imagine it to be relatable for people in a similar position. I loved everything that involved him in this episode except for the last scene between him and Ian. I really liked them together! The Annie story didn't interest me much. Naomi's story was pretty predictable although I felt like it happened to quickly. There was something off about the pacing. And as for the Adrianna-Navid-Silver story, I appreciate it when Silver stops things between her and Navid for the sake of Adrianna but I'm still not a fan of their situation. I think they could've been better people about it and Navid shouldn't have blamed her entirely for the break-up.


Ok, I really don't like where all of this is heading. I want more of Liam + Annie! More of Silver (Jessica Stroup the best part of 90210) but not with Navid! I mean... come on!


It never happend to me before at any show, but seriously, I haven't watched the last 2 episodes and I'm not really planning to. I tried to watch the latest one, 2 minutes, I got bored and closed it. This show has to get cancelled, at least finish off with some dignity.


Good episode loved it.to care abt a couple 90210 atleast show them in one scene Annie wasn't even apart of the gang when Teddy came out she needs to go or get more involved and whoo did u guys see adrainna in navid room big boobies and booty for a white girl and I'm not being racist I'm Caucasian to.


ivy rock it! those scene with the shrimp thing haha i cant help but laugh!!!! isnt she amazing? lol
and OM MY GAY that line burst me into tear! hahaha so funny watching all of them when teddy and ian walk... ivy was like....
gay? and liam and navid asking each other! haha priceless rather than that... i dint find anything interesting! annie is getting boring and pls dont get me start with navid and silver! gahh they are awful human being! cant wait for ade to kick silvers a** its so obvious how they want to look ade as the bad guy but with this situation their just making silver and navid worst charter ever! and yes ade cheat on navid on S2 but it dint get any further! and ty really?! its not like annie and ty were official that time! its funny how people ship cheaters! its not exactly cool and romantic! people pls! drop it will u?! LOL


i hate silver and navid?
if my friend was being a selfish dick, i would tell them simple.. not think oh shes a bitch she deserves it ill constantly get with her boyfriend who has supposedly loved her since 5!
its a joke


I am not even going to touch the subject of Emily and Anny since that has got to be the worst story ever.
I did suspect Ian from the beginning and I kinda understand where he is coming from. Most importantly I do not mind the whole silver navid thing at all. They are actually pretty good together and well things like that happen. Did everyone forget Adrianna cheated on Navid with Teddy? or that she slept with Ty while Anny was dating him (tnx Dr.CerrenoMD for reminding me :P).
So a little Annie/Emily (shame) but overal I actually liked this episode

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90210 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I don't want to be gay. I'm supposed to be a tennis star.


I can't do this. I'm the other woman. I'm a cheater and a liar. And your iguana is touching me.


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