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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 42

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We really threw readers for a loop this week, posting a photo from a future Vampire Diaries episode, "The Descent."

But that didn't deter "HotsForDamon" from picking up the victory, as this user went with a meta reference and won The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest with the entry below.

Check it out now and remember to come back and play every week!

Delena Pic

Elena: So, do you think the Delena fans are satisfied with this hug.
Damon: No, they will never be satisfied until it is official.

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Good thing he can't read my mind. What was my line again... Why o why do I keep doing this to myself Ur I hope he doesn't realize I forgot my deodrant


I had a few ideas:
1.Am I really Damon? Is this really Elena? Or is this one of Katherine's mind games? 2. Damon: Wait! I'm with Elena! Oh hell, it was all a dream. 3. Elena: What are you whispering in my ear Damon?
Damon: I knew I shouldn't have used that super glue to fix my fangs, it's stuck all over my fingers!


Damon: Pick me, Choose me, Love me...


limes_have_feelings FTW (especially or coming up with a sweet caption when the first thing that came to my mind (and some others) is just not nice......)


Elena: Awwrhh Damon!! We'll still survive. DELENA will break through even if I do supposedly belong with Stefan!
Damon: Well I think we just need more moments like this. (whispering) Hug me tighter!!


Damn! I wish Rose would quit flopping around on the floor like's really annoying.


Elena(while hugging Damon):Damon please don't cry.
Elena:but what?
Damon:but we didn't win a peoples choice award...
Damon: We lost to Glee and Fringe.
Elena hugs Damon tighter and starts to cry violently.


Elena: what the hell am I doing??
Damon: ooh yes I'm loving it!!
Elena:when he gonna stop huggin me?? I just hope stefan is not watching?
Damon: just one more minute...ok done :)


Elena: oh I hope stefans not looking. Damon: I HOPE STEFANS LOOKING!!!!


elena: *thinking* i hope Stefan isn't watching again.
damon: *thinking* i hope it's Elena,& not Katherine, because I don't want to relive what happened on Founder's Day.