The Simpsons Review: "Moms I'd Like To Forget"

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While Marge trying to have a social life and getting a group of female friends has been done before, this week's episode of The Simpsons, "Moms I'd Like To Forget," still felt fresh.  Besides, this time around the ladies didn't attempt to bring Marge in on any crimes - just some good old fashion lesbian kissing.

Homer and the Husbands

Meanwhile, Bart's adventures to learn his origin story from Comic Book Guy had some great bits like Dr. Hibbert passing along the message of "worst prognosis ever" and pretty much everything out of Comic Book Guy's mouth.

Some of our favorite bits from the episode were also from Homer painfully trying to chat with the husbands.  Homer's ridiculous excitement over the lesser of two evils, Flanders, at the end helped seal the episode for us.

As usual, the best jokes from the Simpsons were in the form of some of the visual gags, but we have to give the funniest joke to the Family Guy-level-of-offensive Bell's Palsy reference.   We'll end our very short review with some of our favorite Simpsons quotes from the episode and chance for you guys to weigh in.

Willie: Ah only took this refereein' gig 'cause ah was cold and they gave me this shirt. | permalink
Bart: I'll buy the white wine.
Marge: You can't buy white wine!
Bart: Why not? Are you having red meat? | permalink
Marge: Go out on a Tuesday? Who am I, Charlie Sheen? | permalink
Homer: This is late for Marge. I assume. I've never been home at this hour. | permalink
Comic Book Guy: Your scar, like Tom Cruise's last good movie, was Born on the Fourth of July. | permalink
Homer: Oh, you beautiful man!
Flanders: That feeling is mutual of Omaha.
Homer: God, you're hilarious! | permalink

Moms I'd Like To Forget Review

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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 10 Quotes

Marge: Why do you have to eat have to eat peanuts in the shower?
Homer: It gives me the fresh circus feeling in the morning.

Ah only took this refereein' gig 'cause ah was cold and they gave me this shirt.