The Simpsons Review: "Homer The Father"

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Ignoring that pesky little "Donnie Fatso" episode, it was great to see The Simpsons continue on its roll with last night's "Homer The Father."

This week's installment was loaded with plenty of hilarious meta jokes about the television industry, thanks to its storyline about Homer mimicking his favorite 80s sitcom father, who seemed to be a mishmash of every fictional patriarch from that decade.

David Mamet on The Simpsons
James Lipton on The Simpsons

Hopefully, everyone was paying attention to the credits during the hilarious 80s sitcom snippets.  An episode written by David Mamet.   One directed by Steven Soderbergh.  Another with David Chase as the Executive Story Editor?  All great for a chuckle.

Really, though, the joke that killed me the most tonight was an in-episode line by Apu as he rattled off a list of America's enemies.  Don't worry, I transcribed Homer and Apu's exchange in the Simpsons quotes at the end of the review.

The episode definitely had its funny moments.  Milhouse rocking his girl's overalls in the background.  Willie arguing with the playground ghost. I even have to admit awkwardly laughing at the World Trade Center throwaway joke.  Any one else?  Too soon?

Unfortunately, the storyline kind of just fell apart at the end, due to an unfunny trip to China by Homer, resulting in a nuclear meltdown.  And we won't even discuss the weird Inside the Actor's Studio cameo by James Lipton after that.

Overall, a strong first two thirds and a consistently funny episode were enough to earn high marks from us. Now for our favorite quotes:

Homer: I never thought of fatherhood as something that could affect a kid. | permalink
Ghost: How could you mistake him for me?
Willie: It was that sassy mouth that got you killed in the first place. | permalink
Apu: Mr. Homer, you inadvertently left your nuclear power plant ID in the birthday card rack.
Homer: I can't lose that, it's the best picture I have.
Apu: I am more concerned with global terrorism. America's enemies would give anything for your nuclear knowledge.
Homer: Yeah. I do know a lot about nuclears.
Apu: And America has so many enemies: Iran, Iraq, China, Mordor, the hoochies that laid low tiger woods, undesierable immigrants, by which I mean everyone that came after me, including my children. | permalink
Bart: Can I betray the country I pledge allegiance to every day?
CIA Guy #1: You pledge allegiance to the flag.
CIA Guy #2: And the flag is made in China. | permalink

Homer The Father Review

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