The Simpsons Review: "Flaming Moe"

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Continuing the tend of what's been a surprisingly strong season for The Simpsons, last night's "Flaming Moe" turned out to be a fresh, funny episode. 

Sure, Moe's bar being renovated has been done before, but never for guys like Smithers.  You know, guys that like to host dinner parties, but don't quite have the six pack to get in across the street.

Kristen Wiig and Alyson Hannigan on The Simpsons

What started off as a simple business venture to impress Mr. Burns soon turned into an all-out political satire, as Moe ran for office with the support of his new swish kabob friends.  The episode had a nice message on acceptance, while further giving us insight into the already amazing, layered Moe.  Also interesting to note?  How little the word gay or homosexual was used until the ending rally.

Meanwhile, the B story featured celebrity guest voices Kristen Wiig  and Alyson Hannigan playing the new music teacher and her daughter.  The adventure was loosely connected to the primary story as the original music teacher, Mr. Largo, took off with a man he met at the new Mo's.

Unfortunately, from there, the B story was mostly pushed to the background and not given the full attention it deserved.  With great under-utilized performances by the two comedic ladies, we could have seen Skinner's love story given its own episode.

In the end, a Simpsons episode needs to be reviewed based on how much it made us laugh and this one succeeded.  There were the always strong visuals, like Homer choking on the drawn pretzels only to reach for a fake first aid.  And, of course, there were quality Simpsons quotes below.

Smithers: They're fighting like Iran and Iraq!
Mr. Burns: What?
Smithers: Persia and Mesopotamia. | permalink
Smithers: Can I have a scotch and water?
Moe: My scotch is a scotch and water. | permalink
Moe: Not bad. Like Frisbee Golf, I'm glad I tried it once. | permalink
Superintendent Chalmers: Willie, you're the new principal.
Willie: Who's the new groundskeeper?
Superintendent Chalmers: Also you. And you don't get more money. | permalink

Flaming Moe Review

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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 11 Quotes

Smithers: They're fighting like Iran and Iraq!
Mr. Burns: What?
Smithers: Persia and Mesopotamia.

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