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That's Rich: Casting for Klaus

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I'm an unabashed fan of The Vampire Diaries and to those of you reading my column who are not familiar with The CW show, all I have to say is: sorry, get your own column!

Also: you really should watch it. This is not some cheesy, Twilight-esque drama aimed at 13-year old girls. It's actually a well-acted, suspenseful hour of television that guarantees at least one legitimately shocking twist each week.

As viewers await the show's January 27 return, most are asking one question: who should play Klaus, the oldest, most powerful vampire on the planet? Producers say they have been watching tapes of actors from around the world and are seeking someone with "charisma and gravitas."

Allow me to offer a pair of suggestions:

  • Brian Moser
  • Knepper

Christian Camargo
Unless you're a fan of Dexter, you might be asking: who?!? But that's partly the point. The show should aim for a relative unknown, someone viewers only see as Klaus. While stunt casting can be fun, it can also be distracting and not serve the storyline well.

Camargo is best known for playing Dexter's creepy brother on this Showtime hit's first season. We don't want to spoil anything, but, trust me, that performance proved he can be both menacing and charismatic.

Robert Knepper
Has seen his profile take off since he stole every Prison Break scene as T-Bag. He'll actually reprise that role on the upcoming drama Breakout Kings, but would be an ideal choice if he could make time for a stop in Mystic Falls.

With a smile almost as sly as Ian Somerhalder's, Knepper could go toe-to-toe, snark-to-snark with this Salvatore brother. Was so convincing as a murderous pedophile on the aforementioned Fox show that I'd never let the actor near my children. In other words: he won't have a problem scaring viewers.

What do you think of these choices? Who would you cast as Klaus? Leaving out the best, most realistic and frightening possibility, of course: Mel Gibson.

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NOT Camargo. He's already cast as a vampire in the last installment of Twilight. I vote for Julian McMahon or Ben Barnes.


I'm going to say NO and errr NO! :/


Well.... if Gale Harold is older then what they say they want. So is Robert Knepper. He looks older then Gale does that's for sure....


Julian McMahon would be perfect!
He's can do the whole suave, mysterious thing, and also the evil bad guy thing really well!


Defintely Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!!!!!!!!


Ben Barnes! Though i guess its not an option :/ Gaspard Ulliel as well. Just plz someone a bit younger


Gale Harold!


Robert Knepper is a good choice, though to old for Klaus, since Kevin Williamson says that his human age matched Katherine's well and that 31 is old for a CW show. I had a dream about Ben Foster as Klaus, and he is rather scary, so he could be a great selection. He looks a bit like Uncle John though, so that could be a problem. But Gaspard Ulliel is still my favourite choice, though I don't think he's an option.


AAAAAAAAA!!!! I missed Robert Knepper!!!))) Choose him!!!