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It made very little sense for The CW to remake Beverly Hills, 90210.

When the original series premiered in 1990, the concept of a primetime soap opera based around rich teenagers was novel. By the time 90210 aired, however?

Bravo was focusing an entire franchise around wealthy families and the genre was so played out that another CW series (Gossip Girl) essentially served as a parody of it.

This is Rich

At first, 90210 clearly didn't know what to do with itself. It tried catering to fans of the original by bringing back Jennie Garth (as a guidance counselor, logical enough), Shannen Doherty (for no valid reason) and Tori Spelling (truly, for no valid reason).

After a season, it ditched any connection to the original series and tried focusing on its new, core characters. There was just one problem: none were particularly interesting, and all were just horribly-acted.

On season three, the show has attempted to depict more current, buzz-worth storylines (one character is coming to grips with his sexuality, another is a burgeoning celebrity who often makes references to the paparazzi), but it's also taken a page from the Fox version.

A handful of pages, actually.

Any fan of Steve Sanders and company must have noticed that 90210 is simply stealing material from its predecessor at this point. I'm fine with that. It's what the show should have been doing all along: airing essentially the same storylines for a new generation, tweaked a bit based on changes to society, technology, etc.

Consider these examples:

  1. Annie and Dixon's cousin, Emily, arrived in town this week. She'll soon grow obsessed with Annie and try to steal her identity (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season six, Tara/Kelly.)
  2. Liam injured himself in a fight a few episodes ago, leading to him crashing in Dixon's room and hooking up with Annie. (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season two, Dylan/Brenda.)
  3. Navid is cheating on his girlfriend with one of her best friends. (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season three, Dylan/Brenda/Kelly.)
  4. The show just got rid off all its adults. (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season five, Jim and Cindy move to Hong Kong.)

Over the last few weeks, it's been fun to watch former storylines come back to life. I'm looking forward to the episode in which all of West Beverly chants: "Erin Silver graduates! Erin Silver graduates!"

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I remembered that Valery tried to tell bad things about Kelly to Claire and Donna - when they were ...... in the sauna!! as well!!and Kelly was not there because she wanted to be with Brandon.. when Val read Kelly's diary about Donna's and Claire's obsessions... it was season 7


i love 90210
liam and naomi


it was an boring show until ivy came up! LOL


You're all so negative. Comedy is the new thing. Hence why the show is a joke and fun to watch.


The problem with this show is the acting and the portrayal of their storylines. For one, majority of the cast can barely act. For another, I feel like they don't properly portray their stories and the best example of this is probably Naomi's rape storyline. It was a very big story for the show to take and if they did it right it would've been great. But the thing is, the portrayal was very lackluster. I also think that their portrayal of Adrianna's change caused by fame was overly exaggerated and Navid's reaction being quite pathetic. I don't know where else this show can go but it needs to do something fast. I agree that what they need to do is showcase these people dealing with things based on the current society.


Life unexpected - student teacher relationship, copied 90210. VD - another love triangle.
GG - borrowed - triangles, drugs, blonde versus brunette wars. Nothing is original. 90210 lasted 10 seasons as if anything is going to be new after that..


I've never watched the original series. But seriously? If it wasn't a habit I would have stopped watching it long ago. I even remember when 90210 was picked up for another season and Pushing Daisies wasn't. It was such a shocker because PD was an amazing show. Way better than 90210.


The original BH 90210 have 10 season´s, yes but it has pass how much time from them and the times are changing so they could do so much things thyt that, more drama and less well crap, they say Gossip Girl Its boring in my opinion its not but this Show its like watching 1 hour of Nate Archibald´s life. You want a Good show watch Fisica o Quimica its a tv show from spain and its realy good and they have great stoys on it, or a comedy Sitcom of 1 hour and a half watch Aqui no hay quien viva and thats a great show to, i mean i Dont DO nothing all day long I do this all day I know about great shows and 90210 sucks FYI i am not from spain i am from NY but i realy like best spain tv over this kind of shows


@matt, sorry that message came across cheeky. It is fair comparing it to the original, but the story lines you stated (most of them) are they typical fare you would find in a teen drama, which is why I don't really find the article valid.

Matt richenthal

@paul: Where am I saying every teen drama is copying storylines from Beverly Hills, 90210? You don't think it's a fair comparison to make between this show the one of which it's a remake?!?
I can safely say the Gossip Girl doesn't borrow a thing from the original, nor does The Vampire Diaries, nor did Life Unexpected. Would love to hear how I'm "essentially saying" a word about any show other than the new 90210? @PeterW: Thank you for writing back in. I appreciate the second comment, but I've most certainly given the show a chance. I've watched every episode it's ever aired. If last week's episode was "brilliant," here's my question regarding it:
What was Mr. Cannon's plan? Have the girls videotape a (clearly coerced) confession, and then just leave and he's off the hook? Viewers may have enjoyed the idea of a bad ass Naomi seeking revenue, but if you stop and ask about Mr. Cannon's actual intentions, you realize there was no logic to this storyline at all.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.