Southland Review: "Punching Water"

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Dewey returned to Southland this week, more annoying than ever. 

You’d think sober he might be more tolerable.  You’d be wrong.  He partnered with John on his first day back and it was perfect setup: Dewey spent all of "Punching Water" spewing racism and bigotry alongside his newfound belief in a higher power.

John Attacks

I thought that a day with Dewey would have John reaching for his pills, but they didn’t touch on that story at all. John never said word, but you could see the steam coming out of his ears as Dewey wouldn’t shut up, insulting everyone, and even borrowing money from John for his coffee.

Best moment of the show was when John sent Dewey into the convenience store for a coffee and ditched him, stealing Ben back and sticking Chickie with Dewey again.  Man, did I feel for Chickie.  As she said, she had to deal with Dewey for five years.  John couldn't handle him for one shift.

Ben’s story centered around his affair with the precinct’s Badge Bunny.  I expected him to call off this fling when he found out how many officers had been with Sally, but apparently that isn’t an issue for him.  I’m curious to see how long this goes on and how it ends.

Lydia and Josie seemed to have fallen into a routine, but their differences were still glaring, as Lydia was more than happy to talk to the daughter whose parents were the victims of a homicide/suicide.  Josie, however, felt like the case is closed. She was looking to hit the Nordstrom’s sale.

The murder cases felt a little heavy handed this week, but I suppose it’s difficult to make gang banger drive by shootings anything else.  The bodies kept dropping in senseless succession, ending up with the killing of a four-year old boy.  The drive by shooter felt nothing, he only wished he could have killed more.

Oh, and did anyone else notice Sammy and Nate walk past the little boy by the bench?  They commented on the look on his face, but how about the fact that the kid looks to be about six years old and no parent is in sight?  Still, these two detectives kept walking, discussing what it means to be a parent. 

How about being a police officer?  How about we stop and ask the kid if he’s okay and where his parents are?  Ugh.

The last scene was great.  After spending the entire episode talking about his impending fatherhood, Sammy cocamemes home to find his wife’s lover leaving his house.  Ouch.  Now, we get to play the game of whose baby is it? And will Sammy stick with his wife or finally walk away?

All in all, I didn’t’ love this episode as much as the premiere, but it was still solid enough. These characters continue to grow on me.  How about you?

Punching Water Review

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