NCIS Lands Sarah Jane Morris For Major Story Arc

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NCIS has tapped former Brothers & Sisters cast member Sarah Jane Morris to join our team of agents for a major story arc this spring, according to TV Line.

Jane will play Erica Jane “EJ”  Barrett, a new NCIS agent who shakes up the team dynamic - specifically when it comes to Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo.

If the flirtatious sparks do fly, that would turn the tables a bit as far as Tiva is concerned. Tony's been the jealous one all year thanks to the mysterious Ray.


Sarah Jane Morris' first episode is slated to air later this spring.

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Um it was Ziva not Tiva as you mentioned in the article.


Really do not like EJ Barrett character at all, hope this is not a permanent addition to the cast.


Tony does need to get his mojo back and at least get back dating and not peering over Ziva's shoulder cos she's got a supposed love interest. Please give Tony a love interest


What if the season finale deal with Vance and the amry they need to do something different cause last year was not good maybe Ziva will finally say how she help kill kate


I love this show Gibbs needs to have his dad come back I like Mr. Gibbs. I want Tony to have a girlfriend. but I wonder if I like her idk yet. I hope Abby`s brother comes this season. And I wonder if Ziva`s boyfriend Ray is good or bad. I like everyone on this show but my favorite is Abby Tony and the team leader Gibbs.


I hope nobody leaves the show I like everyone on it but last year Tony only had two or three episodes about him this year he gets some airtime hopefully we get more Abby I hope we get to meet her family soon. this is one of the shows i liked everyone on it.


Personally I think there is too much Tony this year. What happened to our fearless leader Gibbs. Poor Abby only had one episode. I'm assuming this was part of the resigning of the contract but I like team episodes the best.


CLIFFHANGER! Tony quits NCIS to join up with his new love. An unsuspenseful cliffhanger this year. Weatherly just signed a 5 year contract and is in it for the long haul. Why has this show turned to "flirting" all the time. Some Tony and Ziva is cute flirting but somehow the writers decided that everyone all the time has to flirt. Personally I'm getting tired of it and the cliffhanger is going to be boring this year.


loved your comment ms melbourne agree with everything you wrote.


I didn`t really like Jeanne I`m still wonder if she will come back. hopefully EJ stays and shakes things up with Tiva. I like Tiva but there are not going to get together until that last episode ever I hope thats not anytime soon. I love Tony hes my favorite besides Abby. Tony needs a girlfriend not an undercver on a real one with his reall name

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