Desperate Housewives Review: "I'm Still Here"

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Finally! After last week's disappointing episode, I was relieved to see the action return to Desperate Housewives in "I'm Still Here" and to see the entire cast play a big part in this installment's budding story lines.

I'm especially interested to see what happens to Gaby, who is losing it more and more each week with her unwavering affection for a doll.  Her attachment to Grace sure is troubling, and now with her carrying Princess around with her everywhere she goes?  Gaby is on her way to the looney bin – right where the doll shop owner belongs. 

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Quite frankly, I’m glad that her doll was car-jacked, it was getting a little too strange watching a grown woman pretend her doll was her long lost daughter.  Especially when she already has two daughters of her own. Where are they anyways?     

Meanwhile, Bree is essentially paying off Keith’s ex, even is she doesn’t know it. 

This sounds like trouble down the Lane for Breith.  Just when we think they are solid as can be, she starts acting as the protective mother hen, gracefully making sure that there are no problems in sight.  Will her secret plot provide security for her relationship with Keith, or attract trouble?

The villain of Wisteria Lane is up to no good, as always, and has plans to kill his wife.  Beth nearly puts a nail in her own coffin when she tells Paul “you can be happy, Paul, you just have to identify what’s negative in your life and then get rid of it." 

Little does she know that negative right now is her.  I wonder what Felicia Tillman thinks of that?  She must be rolling over in her jail cell thinking of her daughter happily shacking up with a murderer.  Luckily Beth “dodged a bullet,” according to Paul, when he canceled their trip away.

New additions this week included an adopted daughter for Bob and Lee. She is adorable, and too good to be true.  Will she turn out to be the new hell raiser in Fariview?  With Renee as her female mentor, all signs point to yes. This little darling may just turn out to be the female version of Dennis the Menace. 

Speaking of children, I have to wonder if Charlie, Keith’s son, may be sticking around.  After all, Bree not wanting any children is one of the main stumbling blocks for Breith.  Perhaps Charlie will become a permanent part of the equation and make this duo a trio, at least on Tuesdays and every other weekend.

Endearing Susan has me captivated yet again.  I much prefer her sweet, slightly naïve role as opposed to her awkward and quirky persona.  I feel for her as she waits for a kidney transplant.  Watching her sit and get dialysis is more real than I’ve seen this show; bring on the tears, this may be tough to watch.

Overall, a great comeback episode. I can’t wait to see what continues to grow on the Lane this spring.


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You see, at first, I was astounded by the decision Bree made when she decided to hide the truth from Keith and paid Keith's ex off. I really thought that that would be the end of it, just like how Mike broke it off with Susan last time after learning Susan's attempt to keep him from finding his biological son, Zach. Having said that, I think the writers won't recycle the storyline, meaning that, Keith wouldn't break it off with Bree. Probably. However, what she did was completely understandable, though not justified. She loves Keith and I think when you love someone, you are willing to fight for it. Besides, you have to remember how did Keith react when Bree asked him whether he still has the desire to have kids. It was frightening to her. But since she has now told Keith about his son, I can't wait to see what's going to happen next for Breith.


@ mera: I don´t really get your point about hating Bree. I mean, she has this younger boyfriend who wants to have kids, but she can´t give him kids anymore. She is just afraid of losing him. I agree in one point with you. Bree wasn´t thinking at all. She just was scared that everything she has build up with Keeth would fall apart. Don´t forget about the fact that she saw her mistake, right after she saw Keeth plaing with his little son, and told him about his son. In a nutshell: there is no reason for hating Bree. She did the right thing in the end. In my opinion was everything Bree did, absolutely plausible and understandable.


just today i started to HATE BREE !!!! how can she do that ??!!! that is beyond awful .. and what the heck she thinks he wont find out ??? kids grow up and look for their fathers !! i mean HELL-OO

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