CSI Review: "Man Up"

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The first CSI episode of 2011 wasn't the invigorating return it should have been. Instead, "Man Up" was simply a fairly average affair with few surprises.

The story was slightly intriguing at the start, with the investigation of an online photo that was thought to be a hoax turning out to be a real murder. But there weren't a lot of twists and turns to the mystery.

Carot Top on CSI

I was certain that Carrot Top's appearance was going to be over the top and annoying. Fortunately it mostly subdued and even a bit humorous. Though I would like to request some brain bleach to help me wash away the idea of the comedian dressed only his boxer shorts and hogtied in the back of limo.

While the writers did take time to admit it was a sight no one would want to see, it's still an image I may never get out of my head.

Did anyone else notice Mandy Webster's sudden "stylish" new look?

For a moment, I thought a new lab tech had been introduced, and then I realized it was Mandy, our loveable fingerprint expert. I have mixed feelings about the lack of her recognizable glasses and new wardrobe. On one hand, this might mean that the character will be getting more screen time; on the other, I have to wonder why the costume change was necessary.

I'll be keeping an eye out to see if it means anything or if it was just a random whim of the producers and costume department.

Hodges out in the field was a nice novelty. However, I really don't like the implication that he might be moving away from the lab. I'm hoping this was merely a way for him to continue getting over Wendy, and he better be back in the lab soon, making snarky comments and making the finds that in his mind have solved the case.

I did enjoy Hodges' interaction with guest star Amy Acker. It was an amusing and poignant exchange that allowed the audience to glimpse Hodges' internal attempt to work out where he had gone wrong with Wendy. Ray's reactions to the conversation were pretty priceless, as well.

There was a decent amount of funny and even punny CSI quotes, which is par for the course in such episodes, but they did not really do anything to add to the story, or make things memorable. Even most of the evidence processing was so-so. Though, liquid nitrogen and hundred dollar bills are always a fun combination.

There is no new episode next week. I'll be back with another review on January 20.

Man Up Review

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CSI Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Nick: She's most sincerely dead.
Greg: I suppose it would be tasteless to mention the hundred bucks you owe me.
Nick: Extremely.

Greg: And to quote, "She's not only merely dead. She's really most sincerely dead."
Nick: I beg to differ, Dorothy.
Greg: If you knew your Wizard of Oz, you'd know that it was the Munchkin coroner that pronounced her dead. Not the girl with the dog.