Chuck Versus the Gobbler: Round Table Q&A Discussion

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Chuck saw Sarah go undercover last night, setting up palpable tension between herself and the lovable, titular character. Tearing herself away from him proved difficult.

What else stood out to our staff members in "Chuck Versus the Gobbler?" We've got all the bases covered here, via the latest edition of TV Fanatic's Chuck Round Table:

Would you let Alex wear your previously unworn Robert Zemeckis authenticated Back to the Future t-shirt?

Dan F: If she calls me to bed for more snuggling, she can wear whatever shirt she wants.

Dr. Toboggan: I completely agree with Dan, morning "snuggling" trumps a movie t-shirt every time. 

Eric H: Stupid question. How could she wear a t-shirt I'd obviously store in a locked glass frame?

Chuck RT New!

If Chuck, Morgan and Casey finished the game, who would have won Risk?

Dr. Toboggan: Even if Casey wasn't winning he would have finished on top. I think Casey would rather get shot in the arm than lose a game of risk to Chuck or Morgan.

Dan F: Is there any question that Casey wouldn't have won? The bit of the game we did see, he took over Australia. As we learned from Hurley on Lost, Australia is the key to the whole game.

Eric H: Casey may be amazing at everything, but I'm pretty sure you're also discounting the Intersect. You don't think Papa Bartowski put some classic board game strategies in there? I mean it was designed in the 80s. It probably also plays a mean game of Global Thermonuclear War.

Clara or Grunka?

Dr. Toboggan: Clara, and no offense to all of our followers names Grunka, but it's not a great name. I personally would have gone with Awesome Jr regardless of the sex of the baby, AJ works for a boy or girl.

Dan F: Grunka could lead to a nice nickname if she ends up being a football player. The Grunk has a nice ring to it.

Eric H: Grunka. So much so I've picked up the 4 piece kitchen utensil set from the local IKEA.

Sure, a 40 foot drop is nothing for Casey, but will he fully recover from that second drop!?

Dr. Toboggan: Casey is turning into a real life Chuck Norris. He'll lay in the hospital until someone attacks him and then he'll spring to life beat them senseless, walk out of the hospital, and go right back to work at Castle.

Dan F: Of course he will fully recover at some point, but I'll be happy to see him suffer through some injuries for a while. Nothing keeps John Casey down, but watching him struggle to get back into Colonel shape will be fun to watch.

Eric H: Well duh, but I'd like to see him at least back in a wheelchair for a little longer from this one, complete with some hilarious Morgan-dependent antics.

Do you think Volkoff actually trusts Sarah has turned?

Dr. Toboggan: I hope not. I like to think as an evil mastermind he has a little more sense than to trust Sarah. He seems to have some great scheme cooked up though so I have faith in him.

Dan F: I don't. I think it would be the obvious Chuck move to have him simply trust her. I think there is more to this evil mastermind/hopeless romantic than meets the eye. I would not put it past him to know that Frost is actually not on his side.

Eric H: At first I thought this guy was an idiot for trusting Frost as his right hand man. But now? After shooting the Gobbler in the head? Like Dan, I'm pretty sure this mastermind knows what's up with not only Sarah, but even Frost.

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