Chuck Versus the Balcony: Round Table Discussion

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Chuck returned to NBC last night with an episode that saw the CIA ruin a beautiful moment between the title character and Sarah.

What else stood out to our staff members in "Chuck Versus the Balcony?" Find out below, via the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Dr. Toboggan: Pretty much any Morgan and Casey interaction, but I loved Morgan telling Casey "no offense" after he called Chuck his best friend.  Also, Sarah "drunkenly" stumbling into the wine cellar was beyond amazing.

Dan F: Morgan standing outside the restaurant in that top hat!

Eric H: Agreed Morgan's "no offense" for the funniest moment, but for favorite quote?  I have to go with Casey's sappy speech to Chuck: "Now the truth is there's no such thing as a perfect moment, or a perfect spot. So forget about the balcony, Bartowski. All you need's the girl." Nothing like the big guy getting soft.

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Fan of the mission? Sub-mission?
Dr. Toboggan: I liked the actual mission, but the sub-mission stole the show for me.  Watching Morgan run Chuck's sub-mission initially, then spilling all the secrets to Sarah and becoming a double agent, made the episode.

Dan F: Yes, and HELL YES!!!  Morgan quarterbacking the sub-mission, using technical spy terms, and talking on a secure line? Fantastic.

Eric H: Call me crazy, but I feel like the mission was kind of lame and felt rehashed.  But the sub-mission with Morgan coaching both sides?  Unreal.

On a scale of 1-10, Rate Jeffster's performance of "Is This Love?"
Dr. Toboggan: I liked it. I'll give it an 8.  It was not my favorite song, but it was hysterical that this performance was not part of some montage and instead had a bunch of customers and employees just standing around kind of confused.  Not to mention the fact that Lester really thought the performance won over his now ex-fiance.

Dan F: I give the performance a 10, because all Jeffster! performances are 10s in my book.  I give Lester's Leather vest and pants a 15 at minimum.

Eric H: I'll be a triple four, aka a 12.  The three fours?  Lester's voice, his outfit, and his ex-fiance's reaction.

Speaking of ratings, do three 4s really equal a 12?
Dr. Toboggan: Absolutely. You can add multiples together, but only if it is in within 24 hours.  Once a new day hits, you start back at zero, I thought that was common knowledge, no? 

Dan F: I like Justin's logic, but I'm not sure why Lester has to settle for 4s.  He is a fantastic Nerd Herder who has a great group of friends, and a beautiful singing voice to boot.  This guy should be picking up 8s for sure.

Eric H: For the purposes of my third answer?  Yes.  For the purposes of Lester and Big Mike's logic?  No.  Those three 4s would have to be at the same time.  And from what I gather from Lester's brief description, there's no bed big enough for that.

Any chance Volkoff will believe Sarah as a double agent?
Dr. Toboggan: In "real life," he should just shoot her on sight and go on with his diabolical ways, but it's Chuck so he will probably pretend to believe her for a little while.

Dan F: He's believed Mama Bartowski has loved him for decades while she has given him no reason to.  Why wouldn't he believe that Sarah has turned on the CIA?  And anyway, Justin's right: this is Chuck.  We don't come for realistic spy action.  We come for the farce of realistic spy action. 

Eric H: I'm all for forgiving Chuck loopholes, but there's no way Volkoff will buy it no matter how hard Mama Bartowski or Sarah's new dark hair try to sell it. Falling in love with Frost was one thing to cloud the man's judgement, but believing his love's son's girlfriend!? 

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