Being Human Series Premiere Review: A Solid Start

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I was anxious about this reboot of Being Human. The British version is currently going into its third season, and, as an avid fan, I wondered how I'd receive a new version of the characters I already know so well.

It turned out not to be so difficult. The most refreshing aspect of the series premiere was the casting of Sam Huntington as Josh. He brings to the character a self-deprecating humor that makes him difficult to resist.

Josh and Aidan

Elsewhere, Sam Whitwer is darker than his British counterpart. Formerly a vampire that had some fun-loving aspects that made him a ladies man, this version has a slightly sinister irresistibly. We all know how some women love a bad boy, and agreeing to a night with Aidan might be your wicked dream come true... or your worst nightmare.

The original Sally was a bit more wistful and hopeful than Meaghan Rath's creation. She tries to be cheerful, but you can feel the desperation at having spent the last six months dead and alone, not knowing what to do next. Her business is unfinished and she is afraid if she leaves the house, she may never come back. So she “haunts” the place where she died, although she doesn't know how it happened.

Josh and Aidan work as nurses together at a hospital, and it's not immediately clear how they know about each other's afflictions. I'm not sure it's bought up in casual conversation, so perhaps it is something they can sense in one another, the same way that they can see and interact with Sally. Tired of the fear and lies they live with daily, they decide to combine their efforts in an attempt to be human.

What attracted me at first to the BBC version was that outside of Angel, The Munsters and The Addams Family, there haven't been a lot of shows that portrayed how a monster might want to be human. They are normally glorified, romanticized versions of creatures loving their new fate, or, at the very least, giving into it without much guilt.

The idea at work here is that we are all monsters. We all start our days with a lie. We color our hair, wear makeup, put on perfumes and fancy clothes; all in an attempt to be someone greater than we think we are already. To stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes we take a walk on the wild side, but we can just flush that away by saying, 'hey, I'm only human.' What if you couldn't just easily wash away those monstrous intentions, if the one-off mistakes happened not because of your foolishness but because it has become your very nature? How far would you go to get back your humanity?

Although it basically followed the same script, SyFy's Being Human stands apart from its sister show. If anything, it was tweaked just enough to give us more with which to empathize. Josh could quite easily be one of my best friends, Aidan a guy I'd want to take out for a spin and Sally a confident. It's these characteristics that stand out and will make you want to invest in these lost souls on Being Human. Because, really, are we that different after all?


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I've never seen the British Version (don't care to). I love this series, vampires, werewolves & ghosts, with a great storyline. I love the fact that there is no profanity (especially the F*** word),no nudity, and no raw sex scenes. All that "R"/"X" rated gets so old and distasteful. I also love the Moonlight vampire series, a family that likes the romance and excitement of vampires & super beings. I don't understand why all those get discontinued, I've been told I'd like the True Blood series IF IT DIDN'T HAVE ALL THE profanity, raw sex, etc.............. I've never viewed them and don't care to. I love the twighlight series also, again the immature distastefullness is not there. It is far few & between that I and my friends can find exciting drama's / thrillers/ comedies that are not replusive.
Keep up the good work.


I was pleasantly surprised with this show. I love the UK version but this one was very well done I thought. It keeps the monsters human enough to be characters we are interested in without becoming vampire diaries. If anyhthing this is probably closer to Angel or Supernatural than Vampire diaries or twilight.


If you have ever seen the original British version of Being Human then I think you can agree with me that the American version is complete crap. everything down to the acting, the cast and the story line is by far the worst I have seen in a while. Its vampire diaries and true blood gone retarted. The ghost acts like a valley girl with an IQ of about 75, the vampire looks and acts like he's gay and the werewolf just takes up space in the show. This is quite possibly the worst show on tv and to be honest its a bit embarrassing. Don't waste your time.


Way too much moody staring at the distance.


After watching the real Being Human the US-version seems plastic.
Makers of this crap totally missed the point of the original show which was to bring reality and humanity to the supernatural genre, and replaced it with tacked on pandering bits.
(like the totally irrelevant lesbian relationship of the sister. btw watch Hex to see that angle done right. And bring back that show plase.)
Maybe I'll check back after a few episodes, but my hopes are not high.


The show seems promising enough. While there are distinct similarities between the two versions of the show. It feels more as if the Canadian/American version is a homage set in a similar or perhaps even the same universe with different characters in similar situations. If the show tried to hard to just redo the British version it would not work. I expect some stories will be lifted as the plot moves forward but it seems very obvious Bishop is a very different vampire from Herrick for instance. I think of it kind of like Law and Order UK which reused some stories from the American counterpart but very clearly is another show in the franchise rather then just trying to lift the American show.


im watching it now and so far it is going and so much blood


Looks like they took elements from the original British TV movie backdoor-pilot and the rebooted episode 1. Then they added things to drive up demographics. I will be more impressed wit the US version if they go in their own direction and not just American-ize every episode of the UK version.


I like the being human series because i like vampires and werewolve movies and series.And i really like twilight new moon and Eclipsie lovethe player Edward bella and jacob


It was better than what I thought it will be. No where close to original but it is good as a remake as I don't think a remake is suppose to be better.

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Being Human Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist - on the dark side?


We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that little mirror, all we do is spin our little lies.