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main power couple*


*woops. sorry for the comment before this one*

merder. it'll always be mereder.
what other TV shows have managed to have their main power be an actual, relevent, romantic, realistic, exciting couple after they get together for good rather than some big bore OR be a couple that doesn't just unite in the series finale? merder got together for real in season 4's finale. got married in season 5's finale. and now the show is mid-way through season 7 and they're still as dreamy and interesting as ever :)

of the other shows i watch, claire & phil from MF & stelena are wonderful too.

and love chair, but are they really even a couple? it's always i hate you one episode and then i love you one episode then hate sex the next then back to square 1 the next. but i guess this counts all that too.


merder. it'll always be mereder


I agree with kprice. Jax and Tara deserve to at least be on the list.


Chuck and Blair!Love them, love them, love them to no end........


were the hell is Sookie and bill (more time Sookie and Eric gonna have to wait for that one)
louis and clark for sure
and ma favourite from the news shows of 2010 will have to be Nikita and Michael (Mikita)


I'm surprised no Glee couples were mentioned. I don't really have any favorites on the list,sadly. Most of my favs are stuck in the unrequited (Delena) or forgotten about (Puckleberry) categories. :( I like Chair, but I was more of a Serenate fan. That is until the show became a train wreck to watch.


I agree, Clark and Lois are good together and deserve to be up there. They have come very far and have clearly jumped a lot of obstacles.

However, I am for Derek and Meredith. They too have come very far over the years. Yes, this season clearly states how far they have come. They're still very strong and have matured as a couple. I know that they're the couple 2010 couple.


Thanks for your comments and votes everyone. We really didn't make this long enough, but you've inspired us to add a second round of couples tomorrow!



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