What Was the Best TV Rivalry of 2010?

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In our end-of-the-year polls, we've already asked readers to chime in on the best couple and best comedy of 2010.

But enough with the loving and the laughing. We're on to the fighting!

There were numerous fun rivalries over the past 12 months, as music teachers clashed with cheerleader coaches; lovers turned into enemies; and motorcycle club vice presidents disagreed strongly with motorcycle club presidents.

Clay and Jax
Stud in a Suit
All Four Pretty Liars

Who took part in the year's best feud? You tell us...

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I probably going to be the only one to say this but I don't think Chair or Damon and Katherine should be on this list. Both rivalries are very love-hate and Damon's hatred with Katherine is about her rejecting him. I disagree with HotsforDamon, Stefan hates her as well.
Now if it was Katherine vs. Mystic Falls as lindsay said then I could see them as a great rivalry but K vs D, no, as Damon acts like a stupid pansy. Even Stefan vs. Damon is better option.


it should be the entire cast of TVD vs Katherine not just Damon. That is truly the best!


This one is hard:( The Chuck and Blair battles over the ages have been epic, but I love them together the most. (See love poll xD) Will and Sue are hilarious. And Damon and Katherine... Damn does anyone has a word for them? Liars versus A are nice too:P


I also agree with LittleAngel by not seeing any rivalry between Chuck and Blair. I chose Damon and Katherine because Stefan still loves Katherine but Damon hates her and they made really good quotes about eachother.


Will vs. Sue, they are epic when they acting against each other. The problem with Will's character this season is maybe coming from the fact that they don't argue as they used to do before.
I don't really see any rivalry between Chuck and Blair, love followed by hate sex than friendshipe than love than hate sex, and so on... it's very repetitive