TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: House 12/21/2010

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With our favorite prime time shows on hiatus, TV Fanatic is taking a look back at some buzzed-about programs and grading their performance this fall, with a look toward 2011.

Last week, we examined Bones. Today: House.

Best episode: "Office Politics." It introduced us to Martha Masters, who has been a great addition to the cast. It also gave us more insight into Taub, highlighted by a basketball showdown between him and Foreman.

It was also a welcome sight to see guest star Jack Coleman outside of the trainwreck that was Heroes.

Dating and Working Together

Best character: Gregory House would be the obvious answer, so let's go with Wilson. The show has found the perfect way to use Robert Sean Leonard, depicting his oncologist as a sounding board for the show's title character. His serious, dry responses to House's convoluted view on life are never short of hilarious.

Worst character: Foreman. This would have been our answer last season... and the season before... and the season before that. The guy hasn't really done or said anything interesting in years.

Best relationship: We really only have one option here. While it's about time that Huddy got its romance on, the last couple episodes have really strained to create drama between the pair. It seems silly that Cuddy would really be unable to separate a lie at work from one in her personal relationship with House.

Best quote: For the fact that the show actually went there... House [to Cuddy]: Why do you hate chickens? I had to choke one last night because of you.

Best use of Amber Tamblyn: As previously mentioned, her Martha Masters has given the show a jolt of energy and intrigue.

Hopes for 2011: Less contrived Cuddy drama, more jokes about sex with Cuddy. A case of the week that lasts... two weels.

Overall grade: B Minus. I hate to say it, but Huddy is already feeling a bit stale. The show doesn't have many places to go with these two. The break-up between Wilson and Sam also seemed to come out of nowhere. Still, Hugh Laurie's performance makes every episode worthwhile.

Do you agree with TV Fanatic's take? Disagree? Care to expound on anything in particular? What do you hope to see more of next year? Share your comments below!

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House Quotes

House: Huh. I figured by now you'd be at the board in your monocle and jodhpurs.
Dr. Foreman: Yeah, you did something stupid. Quick, better mock someone.

Cuddy : I have a case for you.
House: Beer?
Cuddy: Amnesia.