This Really is the End for Life Unexpected

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We asked the question a month ago and now we must supply the disappointing answer: Yes, this really is the end for Life Unexpected.

The CW series did not receive an order for any episodes beyond the 13 scheduled to air this season, but it also has not received official word of a cancellation.

Still, two recent facts make it apparent this show will come to an end in the very near future:

  1. Kristoffer Polaha has signed a development deal with CBS.
  2. Warners Brothers has announced a DVD release for April 5. Its title? "Life Unexpected - The Complete Series."
Life Unexpected DVD

The latter piece of news at least means that fans will be able to watch Lux and company whenever they want. This six-DVD package will include all first and second season episodes, along with many features, deleted scenes and interviews.

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Im so pissed I love life unexpected it's one of the shows that's good and now it's gone I think they should bring it back u can make it where Lux is in college and Kate and baze end up being able to get pregnant and Ryan and Julia are still in the family and bud ends up finding lux you could easily bring it back if you want to keep good customers you will have much respected watchers by doing so so please bring it back


@TW one tree hill is awsome so is life unexpected


Really?! The CW will keep One Tree Hill for years and years with HORRIBLE actors but they cancel Life Unexpected after only 2 seasons? This is sad, a show that my husband will actually watch with me (because it's that good!)and it comes to an end. What's wrong with the CW?


I think it's stupid that every show I like that comes on the cw gets cancelled. First melrose place now life unexpected. The cw really knows how to treat its viewers. I'm ready to write off the cw.


Didn't know it was ending until tonight's final episode! It was phenomenal but I'm so disappointed that it's the end. It's true....America is obsessed with stupid reality shows and we let the good ones get away. Who cares who's losing how much weight or who's in therapy or who's the newest "bachelor?" Truly sad that such a great show got cancelled.


and once again another AMAZING show gets cancelled!!


SOOOOOO SAD!!! I love this show!!! I was a watcher of Gilmore Girl's ...well a die hard fan. I never thought I would ever like a show as much and then came Life Unexpected. I pray that who ever made this dission will come to their senses and realize that not everyone wants to watch nothing but vampires and sluts!!


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They can't cancel this ONE GREAT SHOW!!! There are so many stupid shows on CW that are made for ignorant, self-absorbed people... THOSE should be canceled! Not Life Unexpected!!!! Ughhhhh .. I cannot believe this! Seriously, if there's a petition somewhere, let me know!!!


Why should it be surprising? Any show that doesn't appeal to homecoming queens and comic book geeks has no place on the CW.
I love "Life Unexpected" like I did "Veronica Mars", both great shows that were bounces because it can be watched by people who are no longer in high school. If they cancel LUX, I'm done.


Aww, I'm kind of sad about this. I wouldn't say I was a huge fan but I enjoyed tuning in.