The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Sacrifice"

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Is Elena a brave heroine or an utter moron? Should Bonnie should the teen that loves her or the one to whom she can most relate?

These are just a couple of the topics on our minds following this week's strong episode of The Vampire Diaries. Our weekly review covered a lot of "The Sacrifice," but now other staff members join our main critic for a weekly Round Table Discussion. Let's get to it!

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt R: Easy choice here. The interaction between Elijah, those two other vampires and Damon was simply heart-stopping. Literally!

Steve M: "Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself." Only because I can imagine every female hearing that line and begging to be thrown over Damon's shoulder.

Gabrielle C: My favorite scene had to be when Stefan entered the tomb to save Jeremy. Katherine's face was priceless, so elated and satisfied. The ending is a close second, though. That really was the dumbest thing Stefan could have said to Damon.


Is Elena's plan to sacrifice herself brave or stupid?
Matt R: I think she said it best herself to Damon: " I don't question why everyone tries so hard to save me. You shouldn't question why I try so hard to save everyone else." How can anyone argue against that?

Steve M: It's stupid. Rose has been on the run for 500 years. Look at Katherine. It's possible that Elena and her loved ones can avoid being killed by Klaus without her sacrificing herself. And earn loads of airline miles in the process!

Gabrielle C: I'd like to say stupid, but Klaus did destroy Katherine's entire family, so he's capable of wiping out everyone Elena loves. Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie have all risked their lives for her in the past, so I'd say she's brave to do the same for them and her other family.

Do you feel worse for Matt or Tyler?
Matt R: Matt. So Tyler has to go through a night of suffering. Big deal. How do you think I felt every time I watched Bristol Palin advance this season on
Dancing with the Stars?!?

Steve M: Also gotta go with Matt. Tyler may soon grow into a dangerous, supernatural being. But he looks to have the love of a beautiful young women. That's all anyone needs, really.

Gabrielle C: Tyler. I know Matt is hurt and I was almost brought to tears last night when he found himself at Caroline's, but Tyler is going to go through some serious pain and it's not something he wants or chose.

Should Bonnie choose Jeremy or Luca?
Matt R: Luca. I can look past his devious ways because I can get behind he and Bonnie's potential nickname. Lonnie? It just works.

Steve M: There's a decent chance Luca is working with the Original vampires to murder everyone Bonnie knows and loves... so, yeah. Gonna say Jeremy.

Gabrielle C: I don't mind if she ends up with either, but at this point she should be with Jeremy. I know they had that witch-gasm last night, but we're not sure what Luca is involved with or capable of yet. Jeremy's got his ring, so he can protect her if she needs it.

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Best Quote:
Elena: "So you and Stefan just have everything figured out."
Damon: "Yep, we're awesome."


Favorite quote: "You martyr yourself into a tomb and I get partnered with a semi-competent witch. Wonderful." ;-D


I think Elijah wants elena for himself...that he's not Klaus's messenger boy. Maybe he wants to destroy the curse for his own gain. Who knows. LOL tvd why you so complicated ?!

Whipped by damon

Did anyone find it a bit odd that Luka's dad broke into Elena's house to get stuff to be able to locate her again...I mean they know where she lives, goes to school etc....why not just wait for to come out sometime! Maye I am oversimplifying and the Salvatore's escort her everywhere but it seemed overly complicated plus the whole leaving her with the vampire who'll do anything to keep her safe (including changing her) just makes me think Elijah is playing some other angle than just locating Elena for Klaus! But again..maybe my mind is playing tricks on me!
Does anyone know when TVD returns in 2011?


*Cheers! I’m flashing my uncontrollable big cheesy grin as I step into a round table room, pulling up a chair for my first meal at this lovely site!* Commentary and Contemplations on “The Sacrice� Episode 2.10… I sensed an excessive lack of thought and responsibility in the air last night.
I found Elena to be 100% guilty on so many levels. For the 1st time I felt compelled to wish some harm on the foolish girl last night; tired of her always needing to be babysat and protected “no matter the cost or circumstances�. I just wanted somebody to slap her to the ground like Isobel did to Johnathan Gilbert when she ran out of patience watching him flounder. Jeremy recognized his own guilt; yet ended up following closely behind her. Bonnie officially joined them when she brought Luka’s dog tags into the tomb to “try something� without any thought as to the harm she was causing Luka! Who does that to the one guy you may find love and joy in? I was disappointed in her; especially after the visually beautiful, romantic energy shared with Luka during his “channeling� intro to her! Amazing imagery captured! My Choice for Best Quote…
Kat replied from within the tomb: “I’m starving and dirty; but above all I’m bored.� Classically Kat! She and Damon truly share a spectrum of parallels. For Best Scene…
I must concur with the first choice listed by Matt R. Elijah’s precise speed revealing both hearts in his hands was most impressive! Wow, really? {I’ve been previously rendered motionless by the Vamp’s raw power, like when he tossed those coins at the window; and the entire side of the building shattered, double-glass and all, scorching everybody in the place. I just sat there. It took Elijah all of 3 minutes to establish his “Originality�, of which he permitted poor Rose to speak what he knew, also patient with Trevor who may as well have caught that hand-swipe at the door. It never occurred to me that a coat rack ended a Force like Him.} I do not pity Matt or Tyler. Truth is an essential missing ingredient here. Matt is well aware he’s never racked up the numbers in bad-boy-fashion, hooking up with ladies in line, like Tyler or 4-at-a-time-Mr. Salvatore. Caroline could easily Vamp-up and stop hurting Matt. Btw…Jenna and Alaric Cheers! Finally. I cannot go without stating that I just smiled and shook my head at Stefan feeling the need to let that “favor?� pass through those pretty lips. Again, has there EVER been a time when looking after Elena WASN�T a full-time lifestyle choice for both brothers regardless? Stefan should be up on Damonology just like we are, right? Let’s be honest, after that silly of a favor…Damon’s never been shy a day since his birth, never pretended to look away from something he likes looking at thoroughly, never avoided flirting or charming his way into many a female 17-500+ yrs old of any race or origin; never treads lightly, and certainly isn’t in the disappointment business. The latter I say because he is going to revel in Elena’s presence like he has since the Pilot, kissing her hand, lingering stares, asking for help buttoning his shirt –that was just a cute memory right there. But he’s not going to cross the “selfish line� he drew…everything else is bound to happen at every chance he gets…because Damon not being Damon would be a little sad actually. Listen…
Before I go, as usual I reflect back on Damon, his quotes, noticing his new swagger, still holding my full attention with his consistently entertaining facial expressions, and those intense ocean blues…But this time I’m gonna go ahead and redirect my thoughts where the ever-passionate naughty-Salvatore brother is concerned... I’m pretty sure the question we should be asking sounds more like “then who IS he going to vamp-sex-up?� Or at the very least, “Which inappropriate or unlikely chick will he make-out with for the holidays??? Hmmm???
-A surprise new female Were runs out of gas in Mystic?
-Perhaps he’ll engage in a little bourbon consumption, staying right at the mansion, lounging out one night; before finding his way into Rose’s room; where she just so happens to be caught nude {again}…and what’s a guy to do?
-I’m not thinking he’ll accidentally fall into the fresh young human living to die –Alice is it?
-Do any of the new faces have any baby-sisters linger about?
-He has drinks with anyone; so a toast with the new pretty face looking for his old enemy isn’t out of character. But does he care about anything pertaining to Jules history, origin, whatever…in order for him to do something because he can…and why not? Hm.
-For my Best Choice…I would totally love to see Isobel show up, with Cherie in tow. Indeed, what a perfectly thoughtful gift Damon befitting a “Tis The Season� moment, after all it will be the last time we see him until next year! I really enjoyed my 1st visit, sharing insights and reactions to VD was been a new experience for me, I know I’m late…Ssshhh! I just discovered this site today! I will try to exercise patience {which I don’t do} until 2001!
Thanks for having me. ;> Cheers!!! Luv on ya,

Anna maria

@alicia - 16disaray MINE TOO!! haha
I really didn't understand why Elijah spared them, it really had me intrigued! I'm also looking forward to elena-damon and stephen-katherine(after that promo)..haha
I feel sorry for Matt but I'm realy liking Tyler and Caroline. I also feel bad for Tyler after that video, so I guess it's a tie. At least we got to see Mason shirtless once more, why did he have to die?
Oh, and I prefer Bonnie and Luca. I don't think he's in on his dad's plans, and they get each other. Come on she totally had a witchgasm. And I think Jeremy's so annoyying and everyone he dates dies, so she should stay away from him! haha


Steve M: "Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself." Only because I can imagine every female hearing that line and begging to be thrown over Damon's shoulder. That was literally my reaction Loved the episode, can't wait to see how Stefan being stuck in the tomb with Katherine turns out.


I dont know why, but the quote that stuck with me last night was when those other vamps showed up to take Elena and she tried to move past Damon and he was like "I will break your arm." I dont know why, but I loved that scene. That and the "tsk tsk" thing he did when she tried to go past him into the tomb. Those two have A LOT of chemistry. Just saying.


i really hope it wont be long until delene happens! their sexual tension was undeniable at multiple points in the episode ("get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out", elena trying to punch damon, the scene in the tomb- so what if she was there to save stefan!) and now that stefan is out of the picture and locked into a tomb with his ex gilrfriend that still has a thing for him and their supposed make out session next episode it would be the perfect timing!


Oh I loved last nights episode!
Yes, and for completely obvious reasons. How could your favorite quote not be, "I don't want him to hurt everyone I care about including you two!" from Elena and the way she looked at Damon (like duh don't you get it?) and the look be gives her in return which is shocked and almost daring to believe his ears ( about me?) Partly I loved this because that was the first time Elena looked at Damon as though he was her friend again in a LONG long time (well it felt like long okay?) and also cuz he did cherish what she had said and if anything it just made him more determind to protect her.
I also loved the way Damon stood determindedly in front of Elena once facing one of the most powerful vampires in the world (and alone too! Rose you traitor!) He was outmatched by far but he didn't even blink when Rose took a run for it, all he did was say with snarky irony, "I killed you! You're dead!" LOL, witty Damon till his last. Also, "I will BREAK your hand off," to Elena as she met the vamps was uproarious.
So many fun fight scenes between Damon and Elena! Especially loved the "Dont ever do that again," he said so seriously. I couldn't stop LAUGHING as Stefan broodingly listened to Damon and Elena fighting! They sounded like kids! So cute!
And (because it's not the Damon diaries though if only) I'll add that I was really scared when Jeremy was about to escape and Katherine attacked him. Also Stefan's heroic bit was totally insticual- he can't help himself. It was pretty gallant and interesting how he hid? From Elena when she came to see him. Jeremy and Bonnie were really cute too! They make a really nice couple MUCH better than Donnie. Also was Tyler acting jealous boyfriend when Matt showed up?
Mason's video was definately scary. Cmon dude, pain that has a hefty surfer muscely guy crying for a blackout? Ouch.
I know I said that I acknowledge the fact that it's not the Damon diaries but- "Of all the things to do- STEFAN!" he said it with such adorable brotherly exasperation. And when he said, "I'll find a way to get you out," well, okay who said this guy wasn't moral?
Then I heard Katherine's grave predication. "That there was the stupidest thing you have ever said." No. Really? Damon has being so good lately. He won't spoil that (please do!) He's better than that ( please don't be!)
Anyway awesome episode. Lots of fun. I've still got the puffiness from hysterically crying over Damon's ILY scene ya know.

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