The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "By the Light of the Moon"

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For the midseason finale of such a typically thrilling show, "By the Light of the Moon" felt like a letdown.

The CW teased sex between Stefan and Katherine, whereas the true focus of the episode was on Tyler's transformation, as well as the return of Rose. What did our staff think of the installment? What are our hopes for the near future?

Find out in this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt R: I enjoyed Damon's final interaction with Rose. Sorry, Delena Shippers, but it looks like he's developing legitimate feelings for another woman. Not that I can blame him. How cool is this "special" friend?!?

Steve M: The first time Elijah popped up on screen, behind Jenna. This guy has the best entrances of of any character on the show, don't you think?

Gabrielle C: Because the show was pretty "bleh" last night, I'll go with the most hot and heavy one: Katherine's implant dream into Stefans head. Hot!


Tyler's transformation: Totally awesome, or a total letdown?
Matt R: The scenes themselves? Very well-produced, directed and acted. But I was hoping the transformation would lead to something more than what we already knew: that Tyler is a werewolf who turns during a full moon.

Steve M: But it will lead someplace else, Matt. As teased by the cast, Caroline and Tyler will grow even closer now, which should make it interesting when he finds out she's been lying about how many vampires are in town.

Gabrielle C: Awesome. I think it was great effects, and it was hard to watch, as it should have been.

Do you trust Elijah?
Matt R: I do. Doesn't mean he's a good guy, as he's willing to kill innocents (RIP, Slater) in order to keep Elena's presence a secret from Klaus until the time is right... but that doesn't mean he can't also be true to his word in this instance. It does serve his agenda.

Steve M: I trust him to keep a fine head of hair on himself, that's for certain. Impressive stuff! But I wouldn't exactly put my life in his hands, no.

Gabrielle C: As of now, yes. He could have killed everyone by now, but he hasn't. For that reason alone, I trust him. He must have some serious beef with Klaus to want to beat him in all things.

Rose's wolf bite as a cliffhanger: OMG, or Oh, that's it?
Matt R: The latter because it wasn't presented in the proper, suspenseful context. Given a look at scenes from the January 27 episode, it's clear this werewolf bite will have HUGE ramifications, so they should have ended last night's episode with Rose frothing at the mouth or something. A mere look at the returning wound wasn't enough.

Steve M: Come on, fans. Every scene can't be head-turning or scream-inducing. This was the perfect cliffhanger because it raised the stakes of the werewolf/vampire feud and it made me wonder about the future: what does it mean for Damon to be "marked."

Gabrielle C: Not climatic enough, sorry. Just "that's it?" for me.

What are your hopes for the second half of the season?
Matt R: More of Katherine in black lingerie. More Alaric. Less of people calling him "Ric." And, finally, one more shocking death, with no offense intended to her character because she's perfectly nice, but also sort of useless: Jenna.

Steve M: I wanna see a musical episode! Just kidding, I'm sick of all shows thinking they need to go this route. I seriously have no complaints. Keep leaving me surprised each week and I'll keep tuning in.

Gabrielle C: I really hope they step it up. Rose's character can really be more interesting than they are letting it be, and I would have been much for satisfied if Stelena had gotten together at the end of "Masquerade."

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has anyone noticed that Bonnie called elena nina tonight Yeah noticed that to!


I accidentally cut my scenes comment off... Choice Scenes…
~Tyler’s changing {brilliantly done btw!} and Caroline staying the entire time as his friend; incredible sequence between these two!
~I really enjoyed Elijah’s interaction with Katherine; but also his appearance and discussion with Elena.
~However, that finger walk up Rose’s leg, was a Damon {just-because it was there and he could} classic move. Cheers to all!


Round Table Commentary and Contemplations on “By The Light of The Moon� Mid-season Finale Episode…~ Damon and Rose…In my last round table post, I was partially right about one of my predictions for who was Damon going to make-out with…which was a certainty in my mind…right about drinking, Rose naked under a robe, and making out {finger walk…nice touch}…:> sweet agreement to be “special friends�…but what part of the game leaves Damon without some luvin’? Really? Interesting she was the one bitten however; but are we sure it was Tyler? Btw…Does Rose cry excessively, or is it just me? Don’t get me wrong, I like Rose, her accent, style- like that black outfit tonight; but she is one weepy individual. For a vamp {500+ at that} to sob in every episode is a little soft, yea? Caroline was the perfect friend for Tyler! The transformation was epic and so well done, on so many levels! *Bravo!* It was a moving sequence, disturbing, and anxiety-ridden. When he was crying out the simple words “It hurts!�…my heart sank. Seamless acting, directing, and shooting! *Cheers to the Were team making that happen!* Bonnie never should have done what she did to Luka –period. Elijah…One phenomenal vampire whose character is so brilliantly composed; he allures you without effort, keeping your eyes on him in sheer curiosity of what he may do next, causing some to wonder how they messed around and fell for the resident “evil doer�. Ha. I know my intrigue was peaked watching how poised and collected he was, handsome and impeccably dressed in his black-on-black from the beginning. I love his reverence and quiet “original� power. His aura is serene. Luvin’ him. No regrets and no apologies. Elena and Elijah…I found it hilarious that she was trapped in the house! I clapped. Elijah showing up, already inside, chummy with Jenna; and seeing Elena’s evident trepidation mirrored that of meeting Katherine for the first time. She kept that same fear as when she saw how afraid Trevor and Rose were when Elijah arrived back when she was kidnapped. Elijah’s seemingly honest deal was an interesting one {I just don’t see him as a petty liar; especially if things go according to his plans.} Cute that Elena negotiated with him, having found the determination to make her demands about her beloved Stefan. And oh the look on Katherine’s face was priceless; and the first time I saw her filled with fear and uncertainty…no plan. Then Elijah compelled her! Eyes wide, I covered my mouth with my hand; replaying “The Kat was just compelled� and left in the tomb like Stefan hit her with the peace sign. I can see 2011 being the year of ‘E’lijah. Isobel…I am ecstatic that Isobel is returning to the mayhem!!! I am stoked!!! Choice Quotes…
Elijah: Good evening, Katerina. Thank you or having the good sense to be frightened. Damon to Rose: “Just friends…You sure you can do that?�
Rose: …�Special friends�…


My fav scene from this episode has to be Caroline refusing to leave Tyler even though he was begging her to. I really felt for him this week and I'm glad he wasn't alone. Amazing acting by both Candice and Michael!
Elijah is a great addition to the show. Just when you think you've got him figured out he changes things up on you. I would say Elena can trust him to keep his word, but if she crosses him, we've seen what he's capable of. Oh, and how cool is it that he can compel other vamps?
I'm with the "that's it?" party on the whole Rose's wolf bite ending. I had higher expectations for the mid-season finale. Last year they left us with Elena's car crash, not knowing who she hit, who would save her or if she'd be saved at all. I agree it would have been better to see Rose showing some sort of symptom and a very freaked out Damon.
As for the rest of season two? I'd love to see Caroline and Tyler together. Bonnie needs to stop messing with Jeremy. He's loved and lost too much already. I like the new bonds forming between Damon, Jeremy and Alaric and hope to see more of that. I also like Damon and Rose together. Hope she doesn't die. I'm not sure what to make of Katherine. She's stuck in the tomb and Stefan is out now, so I don't know how much of a role she'll play until Klaus shows up. I love Stefan and Elena together again and I think it's too soon for any Delena stuff, but I'd love to see Damon and Elena build into something more later this season or even in seasons to come. I love this show and I know it is just going to get better and better. Thanks to the cast and crew for creating this amazing show for us to enjoy week after week.


the vampire diaries sure do love there love triangle thats for sure. Damon & elena & stpehen Tylers & caroline & Matt but hey nwho is complaining! CAROLINE & TYLER ELENA & DAMON

Ljf hotlips

'More Alaric. Less of people calling him "Ric".'


I actually liked this episode quite a bit. I was certain watching the promo that Stefan and Katherine were not going at it for real. Firstly because it would have been WAY out of character for Stefan, secondly because it would have been unrealistic whichever way you look at it, and thirdly because Katherine has a history of getting inside Stefan's head and messing with his dreams. I loved the Tyler storyline and I loved that they chose to make the transformation painful and make us witness it quite detailedly. To be honest, this is the first I've ever actually felt for the guy - Tyler has pretty much been a douche for the duration of the show, with little redeeming qualities whatsoever, and also the first time the actor playing Tyler showed any acting range that strayed (no pun intended *ahem*) from wooden. I'm also glad nothing happened between Damon and Elena. I am a total fan of their relationship but I think it would have been WAY too messed up if they had gotten together now. Out of character for Elena, out of character for Damon, and plain old lame. I am glad they are giving Damon a meaningful relationship with a woman that isn't a Petrova doppleganger. It would have been way too twisted and wrong if he would have gotten together with Elena so soon after the Katherine fiasco. Damon is just getting his humanity back, which means caring for his brother and loving Elena, bonding with Alaric and the sheriff and lately Rose, and giving a crap about the town, and the whole point of Damon is that he isn't a dick, even though he acts like one sometimes. And making a pass at your brother's girlfriend after repeatedly being discouraged in this sense is a total dick move. SO yes, very glad Damon and Elena are still just friends.


sorry, I meant A hallucination


has anyone noticed that Bonnie called elena nina tonight, or did I have an hallucination?


I love Tyler and Caroline together a lot of chemistry. Im happy for Damon and Rose too!

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