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It's to the overall credit of The Vampire Diaries that an episode which concluded with a deal between Elijah and Elena; a deception by Luca; and a mysterious werewolf bite on Rose would still feel like a letdown.

Guess that's what happens a thrilling series raises one's expectations each week, leading me to believe that "By the Light of the Moon" - the final episode until January 27 - would wrap up with the most shocking twist in weeks.

Instead, viewers were treated to a couple mild turns, but nothing that caused my jaw to drop open, let alone hit the floor.

Set to Turn

Part of the problem involves the storylines I summarized above. Look at them again. With the exception of Elena's role in the agreement with Elijah, they all centered around people we really just met.

The show has mostly integrated Luca, Rose, Jonas, Elijah and, now, Jules in a seamless fashion - but where was the Delena drama? The Statherine sex promos so coldly
misled us to believe would take place? I'd have preferred to have seen a lot more with the main characters we've been following since the outset.

Instead, Elena was trapped inside her house, Damon mostly chatted up Jules at the bar, Stefan just hung out in the tomb, Jeremy listened to some music and Bonnie was duped by Luca. Not exactly the most action-packed episode for these characters, was it?

Full props, however, must be given to Michael Trevino, and, really, everyone involved in that transformation scene. It was intense and agonizing to watch... in the best possible way. Still, I'm left wondering: that was it? Nothing actually came of this transition. It had been built up for weeks, it went down in a tremendously-filmed/producer/acted manner and it will likely lead to Caroline and Tyler growing a lot closer.

Suspense-wise, though, it didn't leave me anxious for what will happen next. It was exactly what they had hyped it up to be, whereas I expected a surprise or a development outside of Tyler simply screaming, turning and then turning back again.

Of course, this is The Vampire Diaries, so there were plenty of questions that fans will be pondering for awhile in our Vampire Diaries forum. To wit:

  • Can we trust Elijah?
  • Why did he kill Slater?
  • Did he order Jonas to maintain the curse on the moonstone? Or might that warlock be acting alone now?
  • How awesome a friend is Rose?!?
  • Damon has been "marked." What does that mean?
  • Who was Jules talking to on the phone when she said Tyler was a werewolf?

On a typical week, I'd have given "By the Light of the Moon" a higher rating. But my hopes were definitely raised, considering this was the 2010 finale. As a result, I'm left feeling more disappointed by the show than I have been so far this season. What did everyone else think?


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I feel bad for Damon. He deserves to be happy even if it isn't with Elena. Poor guys gonna blame himself now for Rose's situation. Like he doesn't have enough pain to deal with.
I agree with @comic diva. The show already has so much dimension so I'm happy they worked with what they have. At this point, it was best to build a stronger bond between Tyler and Caroline versus adding new pieces to the puzzle. It was so hard to watch Tyler turn because he's so in control all the time. For the first time, he had to accept fate instead of fighting against it, and he had no choice. He was gonna turn, and I'm happy he was sensitive enough to admit that he couldn't do it alone.
The whole Elijah/Klaus stuff seems to be dragging.


I agree that the episode wasn't on the same level as the last 2 episodes, but I disagree with the reviewer on the fact that the transformation scene ultimately didn't lead anywhere.
I don't think it was ever supposed to be about seeing a werewolf being all badass, destroying shit, ripping people's heads off. It was an emotional poignant scene more than anything else. Tyler may be powerful in this state but he is also powereless. Powereless to stop what is happening. Having him bust out and do whatnot would take away from that idea of portraying Tyler for the moment as Fortune's toy so to speak. I think driving home the point that Caroline was there for Tyler in his more desperate hour was development enough.


Everyone keeps saying Delena will never happen. Yes, it will! In a preseason interview Kevin williamson said that it will happen over time. There were so many missed opportunities in this episode with the main characters! I miss the VAMPIRE diaries, not really lovin the Wolf and Witch Diaries. And...who is really that emotionally invested in Rose? No one.


Okay, I personally was left hanging and DYING, for the next episode. Which is what a good show does. For everyone that keeps saying Elijah doesn't keep his word, re-watch episode 9. He said he had the power to pardon Rose and her pet if he so saw fit, then when asked again, he said he would leave HER (being Rose) alone after. Never said anything about Trevor. Elena won't ever end up with Damon, which is a shame cause he's the better of the two. But its fun to watch Elena fight her feelings for Damon. We know from the spoiler there are going to be more Werewolves coming. I'm sure in January the drama will be back and better then ever. But to end this year, I'm sure the producers what to leave everyone with questions so they will WANT to find the answers out. I know I do. Can't WAIT till January 27th!!!!!


Well I can answer one of those questions for you.
When she said he'd been marked- uh- obviously he'd been hitlisted by her. Ya know she was gonna kill him and all. Or is that too obvious?
I'm really worried about the deal elena made. I'm telling you there's a catch.
Remember when man of honor Elijah PROMISED Trevor pardon but swipped his head off?
Yeah, there's so gonna be a twist.


I personally, unlike everyone else, loved this episode! For me, it was far by the BEST! For the last few episodes I've been extremely eager about this show. I wasn't until the episode Rose, Forwood began. Honestly, the main reason I watch this show is because of Forwood. Im actually overwhelmed by this episode. A drop of tear fell down my cheek while I was watching the end between Tyler and Caroline. I love them! I just adore the alternate universe of them being together and they're just perfect! Matt needs to back off. Kissing her in the extended promo? Agh, he seriously needs to shoo. Although I hated that awful kiss, my eyes started to sparkle and I did this 'OMG' smile while I was watching the Forwood kiss. That was unexpected. Gossip Girl would never show a chair kiss in a promo but here, they're giving out the things that we want the most. That's one of the many reasons why I hate Gossip Girl now. Anyway, frankly I love this show and the interesting couple Forwood

Amy jackey

at first I thought maybe it was a myth dealing with when a lycan bites a vampire they will die lol but then when I seen that nasty mark on rose. I'm glad damon didnt get bitten because he would be dying exspecially if there is no cure. I thought a vampire would die like right after they got bitten by a lycan. Liked the transformation with tyler. for the fans that want elaina and damon to get together it will never happen.


I was let down with this episode as well. But I've been complaining about the last few episodes...I don't like all these new characters being introduced especially when they take time away from the characters I've grown to love watching so much. Where is Matt, Alarick, Jenna, etc? I want more of the characters we've grown to love (and sometimes hate to love) rather then all these new faces. As far as whether Elijah is a liar, I think he can be trusted to keep his word...problem is we don't know Exactly what the deal was he made with Elena, and why wasn't Stefan more curious about the deal she made? As far as Elijah killing Rose's vamp pal that was an easy one to see coming. Elijah didn't promise Rose he would keep her friend safe, he only gave his word that everything was settled between himself and Rose.


I'm glad I'm not the only let down by the episode. The promo was definitely misleading, but that expected. I always look forward to any scenes with Damon and Elena. So I'm always disappointed when there isn't many. Especially this episode where I thought there would be a lot of D/E interaction. And I ao agree about most of the drama surrounding non-essential characters. That's fine for just another episode, but this was the mid-season finale and it's supposed to leave us tantalized and wanting more. Atleast there wasn't a HUGE cliffhanger that I would have been bummed I had to wait weeks to the see the conclusion of.


Elijah is a lier we saw that when he killed Rose's friend

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