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I think it was pretty good episode so the Only Dud or Buzz Kill was the Stephen-Katherine sex scenes, it was disappointing, they shouldn't have made promos out of it.
*Jules talked to Stephen Amell (who just got signed on to appear as Mason Lockwood's friend).
Rose was their to show us the effects of wolf bites. which was disturbing...
Hands down this episode totally belonged to Tyler Lockwood..his transformation into wolf was Bizarre and very effective.
love Katherine and Tyler together. Vamp/Wolf romance... WOW!


Gud episode, Great tyler and caroline scenes!!! theyr perfect characters, i wudnt mind if they were the only 2 in the show!


For all of those who "hated" the episode for various reasons:

The fact that Rose jumped in front and took the wolf bite for Damon - did it ever occur to you that the next episode will be a major character development for Damon, who obviously has feelings for her? More growth in Damon would be far more significant than having him sidelined while others tried to save him. As an aside, the Rose character will survive the wolf bite - synopsys of the next few episodes following Episode 12 include her in non-werewolf storylines.

The promos for the episode - the producers have no control over what the network uses to promote the episode. They were just as unhappy that the dream sequence was pushed so heavily, as they felt the Tyler storyline was the primary focus. That the network's promotion was misleading shouldn't be a reason to hate the episode. And based on all the characters' current emotional states, a Katherine/Stephen or Elena/Damon hookup would be so out of character at this time that it would ruin the credibility of the series.

The series has had an incredible run so far in the season and a half that has aired, as they have yet to have a mediocre episode, let alone a bad one. People need to sit back and watch the series, rather than projecting so heavily the unreasonable relationships they want to see.


I think wolfs-bane will probably kill off any wolf germs in the bite on Rose. The bite wasn't fatal instantly so that leaves room for there to be a cure. I think Elijah knows that a war is coming with the werewolves (who seem to be organised - wolves are after all pack animals) and that Klaus is no longer the leader he once was (perhaps driven slightly insane by eternity) and that a coup d'etat is required.


I hope Damon gets Jules :)


i agree what a let down!


I, on the other hand, think that it was actually a very good episode. A well-crafted one, and a very-thought about and greatly directed. I had only two major complaints out of the entire episode. One, they should really stop introducing new characters and focus on present ones. Two, why do they build up the whole Delena thing if they're never going to go that way? I don't say it as a Delena fan,although like countless other fans I also happen to think that Damon IS the better out of the two, even for Elena's love. I mean come on, did you watch Stefan's eyes in that tomb? His feelings for Katherine are still SO much obvious!

Personally I also love the Wolf/Vampire Barbie interaction. It's a potentially very powerful and beautiful storyline. I cried with Caroline too when I saw Tyler. All the secrets, challenges of being opposite forces or nature and stuff. I just hope they don't turn that one into a stupid love triangle, but work on the storyline properly. TVD has always lived up to expectations. It better continue doing so.

I agree it was as shocking as the last few episodes on TVD have been, but we've all got to admit that if all episodes were exactly the same in content, we would get bored as well. This episode was meant to be emotionally moving, and that it was - especially for Tyler. Alongside we had Luka's deception, Stefan's feelings, Damon actually starting to care about another person - who by the way is going to die too. How is all that going to affect the characters on the show? I think there were far more cliffhangers left than we could imagine after that last scene... Episodes like these are important too. They actually show that this is a great show in almost every aspect. You just don't need blood and magic to scare or frighten...


I generally, enjoyed this episode but I was waiting this big cliffhanger with Elijah, and it didn't happen. I also feel like this is dragging out and will be for a while. I personally don't mind the werewolf storyline going on with Tyler, but I'm not interested in this Witch stuff, it seems Bonnie is *only* there to perform spells. And, it's just boring after while that she can do almost anything. And with the Rose thing, I like her, and I like her with Damon, he deserves someone, and I am honestly intrigued to see what will happen with her. @Annie, I am strongly becoming "emotionally invested" with Rose, as are alot of people I know who watch the show. So, ya. Also I'm loving Caroline/Tyler.


@natalie your right :) lol


I was extremely disappointed. After last week's preview I had high expectations that sadly came crashing down after I saw this episode. I think this episode was the biggest letdown in television history. The only thing I liked was Elijah. He was interesting. I adore Delena and this probably sounds a little silly, but this episode disappointed me so much that I don't even care about them anymore. I thought it would be torturous waiting so long before a new episode but now I'm thinking I'm not likely to even notice when it airs next year... So whatever.

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